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12 Best Treehouse Rentals in Vermont For An Unique Getaway

Looking for the best treehouse rentals in Vermont in 2024? Excellent idea! 

What do you think about staying in a treehouse?  The idea of living in a treehouse is not just a childish dream of your’s, it is the dream of millions of travelers. It doesn’t only bring back a lot of memories of your childhood, it also offers an amazing experience of outdoor & adventure travel, whether you’re traveling in a group or with your family. and now it’s time to let your dream become reality and staying in a treehouse is not too expensive these days. 

Vermont is known for its beautiful mountains and forests, it is also considered “The Green State” one of the best tourist destinations in the United States of America. To experience stunning Vermont and it’s beautiful views why not to book one of the treehouses, Vermont has some of the most famous and seriously awesome treehouses to rent and stay. Check out these treehouse rentals in Vermont offered by Airbnb and others.  

Best Cabin Rentals in Vermont

The Hermit Thrush Treehouse 

Location: West Pawlet, Vermont 

Price: $140+ night

This is the only treehouse with 3 bedrooms, with the capacity of over 10 guests at a time but because of its unique design, it looks tiny from the outside. Even sometimes it becomes invisible because the treehouse is bounded by trees from each side and the treehouse is built into a number of trees.

There is a double (full size) bed on the first level and three single beds on the second level. There is even a composting toilet right in the treehouse for the convenience of the guests. The sitting space on both levels gives the opportunity to look outside through windows. This treehouse is ideal for larger groups, entire families, and couples. For safety and security, All guests will be required to sign a waiver of liability upon arrival in order to stay in the treehouse.

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The Hermit Thrush Treehouse

The Hermit Thrush Treehouse - Vermont

Credit: VRBO

Moose Meadow Treehouse & Lodge

Location: Waterbury, Vermont

Price: $549+ per night

Moose Meadow is the most expensive, and the most wish-listed Vermont’s Airbnb treehouse rentals. It is part of Moose Meadow Lodges and Breakfast properties.

You will have the entire treehouse to stay in and enjoy your holiday, and the location of the treehouse is considered a great location in Vermont. This treehouse features a sitting and dining area on the first floor, a single room with a custom made (full-size) bed for the best sleeping experience. It has a single and modern bathroom for the convenience of guests. While the balcony of the treehouse offers views of the surrounding natural beauty.

You will be given breakfast each morning by the management of Moose Meadow Lodge, and may also store meals & snacks by visiting the lodge’s kitchen. Be sure to visit some nearby places like Stowe Street Emporium, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory.

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Moose Meadow Lodge - Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

The Beaver Pond Treehouse

Location: Hancock, Vermont 

Price: $112 night+ per night

This treehouse is located between Killington and Sugarbush in the Green Mountain National Forest.

You will need to walk along the path and across the beaver creek bridge to reach the treehouse. This treehouse is ideal for couples & perfect for a relaxing gateway. You can do a lot of things while staying in this treehouse. The dreamy treehouse features a single room with a single bed and an attached bathroom. There is no electricity in the treehouse.

From the treehouse, you can watch the beaver pond. It also gives an opportunity to see the real beauty of the Green Mountains. This treehouse is also considered a lot cheaper than other treehouse rentals in Vermont.

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The Beaver Pond Treehouse @ Vermont ReTREEt

Credit: Airbnb

Tree Cabin on Walker Pond

Location: Coventry, Vermont

Price: $278+ per night

This Treehouse is located at the edge of Walker Pond and it offers 40 acres of secluded forest to enjoy exploring the area. Jay Peak Ski Resort is just 20 minutes away for all season family fun activities.

This is an ideal Vermont tree cabin for small families; it has a single room, two beds, a single bathroom, a small kitchen, and a comfortable sitting area. Tree Cabin comes fully equipped with a wall-mounted LCD TV, reading table, and all the other essentials to make your stay more comfortable.

You’ll be able to see some incredible views of the walker pond and other things from the inside of the treehouse through the glass windows. You might see some animals like bears, turkey, ducks, herons, owls, otters, huge turtles, at this location.  

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Vermont Tree Cabin on Walker Pond

Credit: Airbnb

Vermont Tree Cabin, A Cozy Retreat

Location: Waterford, Vermont 

Price: $174+ per night

This tree cabin is one of the perfect cabin rentals to get away from daily life. It is located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, where guests can also enjoy some adventure activities like hiking and kayaking, fishing. 

More than only a tree cabin, this property is considered a complete home to couples who visit it for a few days because of its design. It has a large sitting space outside with a picnic table and chairs, one of the best things about this tree cabin is, along with a custom-built hot tub inside the sitting area. This tree cabin features a single room with one full-size sleeping bed, but you get everything from a coffee maker to wireless internet connectivity in this place. It also has a dedicated private parking area for guests.

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Vermont Tree Cabin - A Cozy Retreat

Credit: Airbnb

Stone City Treehouse

Location: Hardwick, Vermont 

Price: $130+ night

This tiny treehouse is considered one of the best treehouse rentals in Vermont and is absolutely amazing with 5-star ratings.

It is well-designed and perfect for a luxurious stay, you’ll come across breathtaking views outside the treehouse. It features a single bedroom with outstanding interior design. Complete with a bathroom & a small kitchen to cook some simple meals, the sitting area is sweet and comfortable for guests and offers dynamic inside views of the house.

The location is ideal for those who love staying in the forest, doing fun activities like sightseeing, hiking, and photography. You will fall in love with the night-time sounds of the forest in this private tiny house in the trees.   

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Lovely Treehouse in the Woods next to Stream

Credit: Airbnb

Treehouse at Bliss Ridge Farm

Location: Moretown, Vermont 

Price: $250 night

This v-shape looking treehouse is perfect for those who love traveling & doing adventure activities with their friends.

The treehouse & farm is surrounded by 1000s of acres of wilderness and offers seclusion and incredible views around the area. This treehouse has a large bedroom with 5 beds including one sofa-bed, two double beds, two single beds, with a modern & clean bathroom. events and dinners can be arranged easily.

There are a lot of things to do, including: hiking, exploring local areas, falls and nearby breweries. Search around the property for a secluded pond where you can enjoy and afternoon swim.

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Treehouse at Bliss Ridge Farm - best view in VT

Credit: Airbnb

Epic Luxury Treehouse

Location: Saint Johnsbury, Vermont 

Price: $289+ night

This epic & luxury treehouse is one of the most beautiful rental properties available to rent on Airbnb, it is located at a distance of 0.5 miles from Dog Mountain and 3 miles from the Town of St. Johnsbury.

The treehouse has a beautifully handcrafted unique design and it offers the best viewing experience from its magnificent sitting area to the forest and green mountains. It houses two bedrooms with three sleeping beds for up to 6 guests in total. Fully equipped with a full bathroom and a mid-size kitchen with all the essential amenities. You will get everything from a cooler to a wireless Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite playlist inside this treehouse. Wi-fi and LCD TV both are available for more fun & thrill.

The Treehouse is well insulated and under tree cover and remains cool in summer and hot weather. This treehouse is considered one of the more luxurious and expensive rentals.

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Epic Luxury Treehouse - next to Dog Mountain !

Credit: Airbnb

The Sugar Maple Treehouse

Location: Hancock, Vermont 

Price: $140+ night

This stunning tiny treehouse built into the trees is one of the most popular tree houses located in central Vermont. The Sugar maple treehouse is the perfect getaway any time of year but the winter season is considered the best time to visit this unique treehouse.

The treehouse features a single bedroom, a double size bed, and a toilet with a sink inside. And it’s comfortable sitting area allows guests to see beautiful views from the windows of the treehouse. It also has some other additional accessories like a heater and a reading table.

Moreover, it is surrounded by Green Mountains National Forest and it perched high above the ground in three maple trees.  There are so many things to do in this area being surrounded by nature, You can explore the forest itself hiking to nearby points & places.

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The Sugar Maple Treehouse @ Vermont ReTREEt

Credit: Airbnb

Treehouse Village Inn

Location: South Newfane, Vermont

Price: Contact host for pricing details

This luxury treehouse built into two living trees is located in south Newfane, Vermont and it is one of the most expensive treehouse rentals in Vermont. This home is perfect for couples, it can take your travel experience to the next level.

This ultimate and luxury treehouse has a unique circular design that makes it so attractive and comfortable for guests. It is in a breathtaking location: it’s surrounded by forests and rolling hills, and the treehouse is directly adjacent to a tranquil pond. This treehouse features inside and outside sitting areas on the first level, a single bedroom with double (full-size) bed on the second level, It also has a kitchen and bathroom. Everything from a reading table to a “boot nook” where guests can remove their shoes, is available inside this ultra-luxurious treehouse.

Treehouse Village Inn - South Newfane


Rustic Treehouse Escape

Location: Cabot, Vermont 

Price: contact host for pricing details

This treehouse is located in Cabot and it is surrounded by Groton State Forest and a private lake. This treehouse is a perfect getaway for people searching for a peaceful and private location to spend some quality time with family, and is also pet-friendly.

You will enjoy Vermont’s beautiful nature by staying in this amazing treehouse for a few days. The treehouse has a large living space where guests can find a sofa and a dining table with other essentials to make their stay comfortable. It has a single loft-style bedroom with a double (full-size) bed and a pull-out sofa bed in the bedroom. It also features a private kitchen where you can cook meals and dinner, a bathroom, and a sink and shower. 

Rustic Tree House Escape

Five-Story Treehouse, Stowe Mountain

Location: Johnson, Vermont 

Price: contact host for pricing details

This unique and colorful treehouse is located near Stowe Mountain/Notch Ski Resorts in Vermont and it is one of the best locations to visit in Vermont during the winter season.

This is not a tiny treehouse, it has five floors, three bedrooms, two queen-size beds, and one with two twin beds; sleeping up to six guests in total. Both the fourth and fifth both floors serve as reading areas and include ample seating. There are over 4 different communal areas throughout the treehouse where guests can relax or enjoy some games. The treehouse also features a dedicated kitchen equipped with everything guests need to prepare their own meals. Also, guests will find a hot tub and a bathroom with all the facilities, Wi-fi and TV are also available to keep you connected to the internet. Treehouse has its own parking area inside the property.

The treehouse offers some incredible views of Stowe mountains and other nearby points. In the winter months, be sure to visit Stowe Mountain Ski Area for all the best skiing and snowboarding.

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