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11 Incredible Treehouse Rentals in Mississippi + Secluded Cabins

Blossoming magnolias, infinite catfish, and calming bluegrass music, Mississippi treehouse rentals have it all. As you decide to explore the scenic ocean, the clear spring lakes, and the gorgeous locales of the northern hills, choose a phenomenal treehouse to enjoy a glorious stay, all the while making unforgettable memories. 

Mississippi, also known as Magnolia State, has no shortage of beauty, art, and architecture. The Mississippi River is the vantage point of attraction with stunning wildlife stretching all along its route to the Gulf of Mexico. Moreover, historic sites such as the Biloxi Lighthouse, Vicksburg Battlefield, and Fort Massachusetts attract people with their ancient highlights. 

Book one of the finest treehouse rentals in Mississippi and enjoy some of the most beautiful and spectacular sights during your next vacation. Browse through these astounding treehouse rentals and choose one to indulge yourself in the inclusive essence of Mississippi.

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Riverside Treehouse

Location: Seminary, Mississippi

Price: $159+ per night

Enjoy exclusive views of the largest waterfall on Okatoma River as you take a refreshing breath on the decks of Riverside Treehouse. Moreover, view the beautiful spectacles of the most popular river in Mississippi. Further, you can listen to the soothing rippling flow of the water and relax on your holiday getaway.

Surrounded by evergreens, Riverside Treehouse displays a rustic yet charming beauty. It offers you everything from central air conditioning, heating, and a flat-screen TV to a stocked kitchen. Moreover, the cabin provides two spacious bedrooms, with a king-sized bed in one and a queen-sized bed in another. So, enjoy a comfy and relaxed night. Enjoy the spacious front porch with rocking chairs and swing which gives you a spectacular waterfall view.

Walking trails, fishing sites, and a kayak/canoe experience just ready for you. So, make your holiday both adventurous and relaxing at one of the finest treehouse rentals in Mississippi. 

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Riverside Treehouse Mississippi Cabin

Credit: VRBO

The Lodge

Location: Poplarville, Mississippi

Price: $149+ per night

Another Creekside Cabin, The Lodge, is located just one hour from the beautiful city of New Orleans. It offers a delightful treehouse experience which is ideal for families, couples, and small retreats. The Lodge boasts the charm of the soaring sunshade of trees surrounding the creek. 

There is an exclusive hangout area under the treehouse with a propane barbeque pit along with a sunlit deck overlooking the serene creek view. Further, enjoy your morning amid the rustling of the leaves and refreshing air as you walk on the trail into the woods. With life jackets available for your safety and kayaks for a leisurely enjoyable getaway, your children can have the time of their lives!

Decorated uniquely, the treehouse has a stone fireplace, a brown-themed, commodious living room, and two fragrant and cozy bedrooms leading onto the brilliant deck. The beautiful landscape from the windows and the fresh air can lift your spirits. A complete package of comfort and beauty which makes you feel at home!

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Creekside Cabin Treehouse Mississippi Rental

Credit: VRBO

Beach Treehouse

Location: Gulfport, Mississippi

Price: $187+ per night

Located on the white sandy Long Beach overlooking the magnificent Gulf of Mexico, the treehouse has a mystic view of the landscape. Being one of the most beautiful treehouse rentals in Mississippi, it offers a jaw-dropping backdrop. 

So, get out and clear your head amidst the salty breeze and crashing waves as you walk on the sandy beach. Don’t forget to explore the phenomenal Island View Casino and the captivating beauty of Gulf Port where you can taste delicious cuisines at the assorted restaurants. Additionally, make memories with your kids at the park with a splash pad for a fun-filled day.

The immaculate cabin with its grey-themed living room, white cabinets kitchen and marble slabbed countertops looks both modern and rustic. The stairs lead into the master bedroom which has a flat-screened TV, free Pluto, and Tubi to ensure a warm, & romantic night snuggled with your loved one.

In short, comfy space for six in a beautiful, attractive location with convenience to all the immediate attractions can be the glamorous holiday getaway that you’re looking for. 

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Beach Treehouse Mississippi

Credit: VRBO

Lone Secluded Cabin Treehouse

Location: Lucedale, Mississippi

Price: $121+ per night

Just like its name, Lone Cabin offers you peace and seclusion. Set among the ancient pines and serene lakefront away from your bustling life. Tranquility and calmness? You’ll get it all here!

The cabin is located at a prime hilltop location, facing the eastern sky. This ensures an uninterrupted scenic view of the sunrise every morning. Further, with a swing and two front porch rockers along with a spacious deck, enjoy a breathtaking view overlooking the lake. Moreover, there’s a fire pit down by the boat dock where you can end your day making unforgettable memories. 

Further, the cabin includes a loft bedroom and two twin beds along with a walk-in shower in the single bathroom. Moreover, the well-appointed kitchen has complete cookware and appliances for you to cook your favorite meals. The quaint living area has a reading chair, dinette, and a double bed to enjoy a cozy day with your loved one.

So, if you’re a group of four, be sure to book Lone Cabin. Enjoy a peaceful, glorious evening fishing on the magnificent lakefront!

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Lone Secluded Cabin Treehouse Mississippi

Credit: VRBO

Creekside Cabin Retreat Treehouse

Location: Poplarville, Mississippi

Price: $129+ per night

A rustic cabin in the woods is certainly your next calling. This little gem set on the creek front, surrounded by sandbars, will give you an amazing adventure. Further, with trails leading deep into the woods, you will get the experience of observing wildlife in their natural habitat. From kayaks to hammocks, Creekside Cabin has it all covered!

The cabin itself is all-in with a hangout area under the house with benches and swings to enjoy a festive barbeque with your loved ones. In addition, there is an exclusive fire pit to roast s’mores on a windy night or even set up your tents. Moreover, Creekside Cabin is furnished with a plush king-sized bed in one room and a twin bunk bed in another. Besides, there’s a well-equipped kitchenette, Wi-Fi, TV, air conditioning and heating. All of this makes it one of the considerable treehouse rentals in Mississippi.

As you stay with modern vibes, enjoy a relaxing evening on the treehouse-style deck with your loved ones at Creekside Cabin!

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Creekside Cabin Treehouse Rental in Mississippi

Credit: VRBO

Elevate Red Creek Cabin

Location: Perkinston, Mississippi

Price: $103+ per night

Nestled in the picturesque beauty of nature, Elevate Red Creek Cabin radiates charm and glamour. As you sit on the banks of Red Creek, a breathtaking view greets you. The bird’s chirping sound and the reward of a spectacular sunrise will make every morning riser’s dream come true!

Enjoy the big blue vista as you relax on the large front porch. Awaken your senses and feel the essence of total peace and tranquility amid the scenic beauty of the Creek. Moreover, you can spend your nights at the firepit with a barbeque grill and picnic table with your loved ones. Above all, make memories at the two sandy white beaches by getting some sun or swimming in the shallow waters. Further, spend your day sitting back and witnessing the Creek leisurely go by in the beautiful country atmosphere. 

The warm and cozy cabin sleeps 4-6 people, so bring your family along. Enjoy a peaceful retreat at Red Creek Cabin that has a fully stocked kitchen, a king-size bedded loft, a spacious living room, and high-speed Wi-Fi. 

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Secluded Cabin Near Creek

Credit: VRBO

Lakefront Cabin

Location: Yalobusha County, Mississippi

Price: $189+ per night

A waterfront cabin overlooking panoramic lake views and glamorous sunsets is the perfect getaway for your next holiday plan. It is located in the exclusive Point Pleasant Area and is less than a mile away from the boat ramp. Lakefront Cabin is a perfect choice for fishing or birding enthusiasts. Lakefront Cabin has easy access to the beach. Further, it offers pleasant hiking trails and crystal clear waters for swimming, and spacious parking for your boats. Lakefront Cabin allows you freedom of activity. So, bring your boat and enjoy the fresh summer breeze. 

Surrounded by the woods, the cabin features three spacious bedrooms and two bathrooms with vast outdoor space. Further, there’s also a covered pavilion and a screened-in porch overlooking the crystal-clear waters. Its living room has cozy pullout sofas and a flat TV screen. Moreover, there’s an outdoor cooking area with a charcoal grill for a unique stay. 

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Lakefront Cabin Treehouse Mississippi Rental

Credit: VRBO

Riverdale Lodge

Location: Grenada, Mississippi

Price: $189+ per night

Find all the comforts of home at the rustic log cabin, Riverdale Lodge. While you stay at this charming cabin, don’t miss the chance to explore the breathtaking views of Grenada Lake, located just minutes away. 

Surrounded by nature, the log cabin has a two-car spaced garage with an extra parking area for fishermen with boats or hunters with trailers. Moreover, it offers complete privacy and seclusion with a gated entrance to ensure you have a wonderful time. 

With three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, it has enough space for 8 persons. Further, the cabin is furnished with all the necessities including high-speed internet, heating, air conditioning, toiletries, and an all-equipped kitchen. With pets allowed, this cabin is completely safe for your children!

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Cabin Rental in Mississippi

Credit: VRBO

Amity Cabin

Location: Aberdeen, Mississippi

Price: $152+ per night

Nestled among tall plantation pines overlooking a serene lake, Amity Cabin provides heavenly vibes in a natural woodland setting. Experience calmness while you discover the scenic bounty of a well-stocked lake, trails for leisurely, picturesque walks, peace and quietness of a gorgeous cabin.

Relax in a comfy rocking chair and indulge yourself in the latest best-seller. Amity blends modernism and comfort with its picturesque sunrises and outdoor chiminea. 

Step inside and you will find the welcoming designed with tile flooring, wooden panels, and whitewashed walls all around. A comfortable living area, cozy dining, bathtub condo, and luxurious bath vanity gives off a rustic and contemporary vibe. 

Spend a cloudy, sunny day fishing in the lake with your family. A perfect place to read, relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. If you’re looking forward to spending your vacation in seclusion, this treehouse has everything for you!

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Seclued Amity Cabin Rental in Mississippi

Credit: VRBO

OleMiss Cabin

Location: Sardis, Mississippi

Price: $125+ per night

Looking for a remote location for your hunting adventure? OleMiss Cabin will fulfill your desire! With acres of woods, pine trees, and exotic wildlife surrounding the cabin at John W Kyle State Park, Ole Miss will keep you busy with incredible activities. Be it golfing at the private golf course or spending your day on a boat at the lakeside, Miss Ole Cabin has it all! Moreover, within a 20 minutes ride to Oxford, you can enjoy a fun-filled weekend devouring delicious foods at the various dining options. 

The two-bedroom and two-bath cabin showcase simplicity. With warm, dim lighting and a homely interior, the cabin for spending time in seclusion. Moreover, it is equipped with a fully functional kitchen with all the amenities. End your day in one of OleMiss’s two bedrooms. Select the queen bed in one or grab a sofa sleeper in the other bedroom.

Book your hunting weekend at this Oxford getaway for an exciting time!

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Ole Miss Secluded Cabins

Credit: VRBO

Awakening Spirit Retreat

Location: Starkville, Mississippi

Price: $208+ per night

Heavenly vibes, magnificent views, and a sip of your favorite holiday drink! 

Wake up to the golden days of the sunrise with a magical and heavenly glow to your day. Further, discover striking sunrises and vibrant colors that soothe your soul and build your spiritual connection to Mother Nature, all at Awakening Spirit Retreat. 

Experience peace and tranquility while watching the wildlife go by as you sit on the covered front porch. Moreover, enjoy a feastful night roasting s’mores on the back porch fire pit with your loved ones. Spirit Retreat has everything for your recreational activities logged up in the game room. With a dart pool and pool table, enjoy a fun-loving evening challenging your friends and family. 

Further, the cabin is splendidly furnished with minimalistic decor and more attention is given to comfort and elegance. The three-bed and two-bath cabin allow you to have a peaceful holiday retreat into Mother Nature. Get back to your roots and connect with immense beauty at Awakening Spirit Retreat!

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Secluded Cabin Rental in Mississippi

Credit: VRBO

Seclusions, beauty and connection, treehouse rentals in Mississippi offers a perfect blend of everything that you’ve been looking for lately. Whether you are planning the perfect getaway with your friends or family, you have an incredible list. So choose wisely that right fits your taste and budget.