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12 Cottages & Treehouse Rentals in Connecticut for a Glamping Getaway

Thrilling natural attractions, misty breeze and downtown beauty of Connecticut treehouses! Treehouse rentals in Connecticut will feed your romance. Further, it can transform your getaway into an unforgettable memory. It features beautiful landscapes, seascapes, art and history.  Connecticut is brimming with nature and culture. As you decide to explore the spectacular sights of “The Provisions State,” be sure to indulge in the impressive features of Connecticut treehouses.

The Land of Steady Habits has a perfect blend of rural and urban vibes. It has picturesque horizons and breathtaking lakes. Thus, Connecticut is an ideal classic beauty. Moreover, Connecticut is known as the home of the best American pizza. Above all, from spring to winter, the city blooms with cherry blossoms. Further, it magically transforms into a winter wonderland.

Among the various historical sites, The Mark Twain House and Museum is one of the most popular visits. Also, among the various thrilling waterfalls, there are Roaring Brook Falls, Kent Falls and Buttermilk Falls. All of these are the perfect swimming or picnicking spots in Connecticut. 

Furthermore, all of these stunning features can be experienced through the all-inclusive treehouse rentals in Connecticut. So, convert your long, leisurely days into splendid, comfortable evenings. All the while making lovely memories. Thus, explore the phenomenal beauty of the blending seasons of Connecticut. All of this exclusively from your rental treehouse. So, keep on reading to discover incredible, unique treehouse rentals in Connecticut just for you!

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tree house rentals connecticut

The Tree House at Underhill Hollow

Location: Thompson, Connecticut

Price: $122+ per night

The Treehouse is a place where magic happens.

Perfect for a romantic getaway with your loved one, a family vacation, or a glamping trip with friends – this treehouse Airbnb Connecticut rental will surely impress!

Located on a 7-acre farm, this two-bedroom tree house can comfortably host 4 guests, and has tons to offer including hiking along the airline trail, a treasure hunt, campfires, and plenty more!

You can spot deer wondering in the distance, plenty of ducks, and the iconic blue heron.

With a near perfect 5-Star rating on Airbnb from over 150+ happy guests, it’s a no brainer!

Connecticut Tree House at Underhill Hollow

Credit: Airbnb

Designer’s  TreeHouse Lake Retreat – Amazing Architecture & Amenities!

Location: Stonington, Connecticut

Price: $191+ per night

Located in stunning and historic community of lakefront properties, this large two-story “tree house” is a contemporary home with a beautiful design, unique features, and top-notch amenities. It’s an amazing and romantic getaway perfect for two people (no children or pets allowed unfortunately), and is within walking distance to the area’s top tourist attractions.

While it may not be a typical tree house getaway, the massive deck is surrounded by trees, as well as the lovely private balcony on the second floor so you’ll definitely get the treehouse vibe! It’s guaranteed to be a vacation rental experience you’ll love from start to finish (also at a pretty affordable rate)!

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Treehouse Connecticut Rental

Credit: VRBO

Luxury Waterfront Cottage Treehouse

Location: Stonington, Connecticut

Price: $275+ per night

A luxury getaway among the charming arts and crafts era! The Luxury Waterfront Cottage offers the most exotic, picturesque stay. The cottage has easy access to beautiful sights via boat. So, visit Sandy Point and Barn Island and witness the exotic bird-life. Moreover, kids can enjoy a delightful time catching world-class fishes in the cove. 

Further, the cottage features many windows for a bright and airy vibe. Also, the living room is large for a fun-filled game night with the kids. The luxurious cottage has an upper and lower deck. So, enjoy a private sunbath while drinking delicious cocktails. Above all, the cottage features a game room with a large flat-screen TV and game console. 

So, book a holiday for your family of 8 and enjoy flaming bonfires and s’mores. A classy, luxurious holiday is just a click away!

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Treehouse Rentals in Connecticut

Credit: VRBO

Long Pond Cottage Treehouse

Location: Ledyard, Connecticut

Price: $342+ per night

A rustic getaway miles away from the craziness of everyday life! Long Pond Cottage is set with its deck overlooking the magnificent water. The cottage fills the sights with crystal-clear lake views. Moreover, you can witness the stunning water mirror right from your private patio. The beautiful mist and cool lake breeze will leave you craving for more. Further, there is also a second-story deck. So, you can have a delicious barbecue or read a book amidst the quiet serenity of nature. 

Additionally, the cottage has a comfortable space for a family of six. So, pick your favorite among the two-bedroom cottage. Above all, the comfy living room opens onto the second-story deck. Thus, you can enjoy a private romantic view of the sunset as you lounge comfortably. In addition, there are plenty of adventurous activities such as canoeing, kayaking, swimming or sitting on the Finn-style raft. 

The best feature of all is the 10 minutes drive to the favorite tourist town; Mystic. It offers endless local attractions for a fun-filled getaway. Visit the Holmberg’s Orchard or The Mystic Seaport Museum. Additionally, indulge in New England’s delicious cuisines. All your favorite adventure spots are just a walk away!

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Lakefront Treehouse Rental Connecticut

Credit: VRBO

Water Forest Retreat Treehouse

Location: Norwich, Connecticut

Price: $127+ per night

Adventure enthusiasts will have all their desires fulfilled at Water Forest Retreat Treehouse. The beautiful treehouse is nestled among woody oak trees. Enjoy an adventurous day bird-watching from your private deck.

Moreover, enjoy stunning waterfall views as you sip cocktails. With plenty to do, you can spend your getaway hiking, fishing and mushroom hunting. Furthermore, have a glamping night stargazing in a private woodland setting.

Further, the treehouse features 1-bed and 1-bath for a peaceful time. Also, the kitchenette and bathroom are fully stocked with all the essentials. Moreover, enjoy a warm romantic time in front of the electric fireplace. So, invite your loved one to feed your romance at this charming, all-inclusive retreat.

Water Forest Retreat- Tree House Connecticut Airbnb

Credit: Airbnb

Charming Lakefront Cottage

Location: Ashford, Connecticut

Price: $100+ per night

Are you looking for a cozy, pleasant getaway? Then, relax in this quiet, spring-fed Charming Lakefront Cottage. It is located on the sandy shores of Lake Chaffee. So, enjoy magnificent views as you go for a midnight walk. The cottage is set in historic Ashford with plenty of antique spots nearby. During your stay don’t miss out on the significant sites of Pomfret and Woodstock. Moreover, head out to the Sturbridge Village for an outstanding day. 

If you’re looking for a fun day, try out the rope slides at The Adventure Park at Storrs. Enjoy fishing, canoeing or kayaking at the lake. Or challenge a bike ride along the scenic roadways. Moreover, you can witness a stunning dawn site at the lake. So, be sure to sip your morning tea on the dock. You can grill your favorite meal and eat under the stars. 

In addition, the cottage is fully equipped with everything for your entertainment needs. Wi-Fi, television, movies, music and board games; Lakefront Cottage has it all. With 2-bed and 1-bath, the cottage is perfect for a family of 4. So, book this cottage and enjoy a comfy, charming stay!

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Lakefront Cottage Treehouse Rental Connecticut

Credit: VRBO

Coventry Lake Cottage

Location: Coventry Lake, Coventry, Connecticut

Price: $363+ per night

Starlit winter night, bonfire and a glorious lake view! Coventry Lake Cottage is filled with stunning views and picturesque cozy vibes. The cottage provides extra privacy. It is exquisitely set overlooking Wangumbaug Lake. The treehouse-style cottage has a brilliant blue exterior. This stands perfectly in contrast with the surrounding woody forest. The magnificent New England scenery adds a unique backdrop to the treehouse. 

Wake up to the stunning lake views from the bedroom window. The treehouse features 1-bedroom and 1-bath with a queen bed for a comfy night’s sleep. The interior gives exclusive treehouse vibes with its woodwork furniture and flooring. Above all, the cream soft colors give an aesthetic welcoming feel. Further, the kitchen is fully stocked with various spices for a delightful meal. 

Moreover, it features amazing adventure activities like kayaking and fishing. There is direct access to the lake. So, read your favorite mystery novel as you sit on your private deck amid the refreshing lake breeze. Perfect for couples and solo travelers who look for an ideal waterfront retreat!

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Secluded Cottage Lakefront Treehouse Rental Connecticut

Credit: VRBO

Highland Lake Cottage

Location: Winchester, Winsted, Connecticut

Price: $227+ per night

Nestled in the picturesque beauty of Highland Lake, the cottage provides ultimate comfort away from home. For all those craving seclusion and peace, this small cottage will fulfill all your desires. It is located just across the stunning views of Highland Lake. So, you can listen to the melodious bird songs as you dine on your private deck. Also, witness the scenic fall view that is no doubt postcard-worthy. Moreover, experience heavenly vibes as cherry blossoms bloom into the first sighting of spring. 

Above all, the small cottage offers the most comfortable, homely feeling. Moreover, there is a personal dock for your boat. So, have an adventurous day at the lake amidst the salty lake breeze. For the cooking experts, the deck features a charcoal and gas grill. So, cook your favorite meals overlooking the scenic, golden sunsets. Moreover, the gourmet kitchen is well-stocked with dishes and a full spice rack. 

For a secluded holiday, comfort is also one of the top features of the cottage. End your day with a peaceful, quiet sleep in one of Highland’s two bedrooms. The comfy cottage easily fits a family of 6. Comfort, privacy and relaxation; all in one!

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Tranquil Cottage COnnecticut

Credit: VRBO

Quaint cottage located directly on Long Meadow Pond

Location: Bethlehem Village, Connecticut

Price: $96+ per night

Looking for a fun-filled stargazing getaway with sightseeing adventures? Quaint Cottage offers a breathtaking lakefront view right over Long Meadow Pond. Enjoy a peaceful family getaway as you relax on the sun porch. Your kids can enjoy unforgettable adventures amidst the whispering trees. A complete treehouse vibe indeed!  

Further, enjoy beautiful Connecticut sightseeing just 15 minutes away from the treehouse. Moreover, hike at the hiking trails of White Memorial. The cottage itself has all the equipment for canoeing, kayaking and paddling at the lake. Further, you can also spend a sunny day fishing with your family.

In addition, the cottage offers 2-bed and 1-bath with your private dock. With a spacious interior and cozy vibes, the cottage sleeps a family of 6. So, experience exotic sunsets with a perfect family gathering at Quaint Cottage. 

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Quaint cottage located directly on Long Meadow Pond

Credit: VRBO

Rustic Lakeside Cabin

Location: East Lyme, Connecticut

Price: $395+ per night

Experience exotic countryside vibes with a hint of antiquity and vintage style at Rustic Lakeside Cabin. The cabin is set at the charming White Gate Farm. It is located just 1 foot away from the beautiful Lake Pattagansett. With its private dock and magnificent beach, it offers complete seclusion. 

Moreover, the cabin features a huge window overlooking the stunning lake. So, enjoy a steaming mug of coffee as you witness the golden hours of the day. Further, there is a picnic bench and firepit outside for a fun family time. In addition, there are plenty of recreational activities for the kids. They can enjoy a sunny day swimming in the cool lake. Or hike on the nearby hiking trails. Furthermore, the farm is open for exploration. So, kids can play a game of hide and seek and make incredible memories.

Above all, there is comfy space for a family of 4. So, enjoy a homely holiday at one of the finest treehouse rentals in Connecticut. 

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Lakeside Cabin Connecticut

Credit: VRBO

Candlewood Lake Cottage

Location: Stonington, Connecticut

Price: $275+ per night

Nature enthusiasts are in for the time of their lives at Candlewood Lake Cottage. Set amidst beautiful greenery and sunny natural light, it is simply magical! Candlewood offers the most exotic getaway experience among the incredible beauty of Mother Nature. The cottage is set on Candlewood Lake. Thus, offering a storybook wonderland vibe. You can enjoy a peaceful hot tub experience. Moreover, the pool table and cooking grill on the deck are perfect for a quiet retreat. 

During winter the treehouse turns into a winter wonderland. It offers stunning views and recreational activities. You can ice skate on the smooth, frozen lake. Further, enjoy country skiing on the fine blanket of snow. 

Additionally, with 2-beds and 1-bath, the pleasant treehouse is perfect for a honeymoon getaway. So, don’t wait to book this fine treehouse rental and have a magical experience. 

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Secluded Cottage Treehouse Connecticut

Credit: VRBO

Water Forest Retreat Hiker’s Haven

Location: Norwich, Connecticut

Price: $129+ per night

Hiker’s Haven is settled among the hidden gems of Norwich. It is a perfect lodging for a peaceful retreat from the hustle-bustle of daily life. At this treehouse, you can relax and freshen your mind. Moreover, you can get inspiration to create art and music as you breathe in the morning breeze. 

Furthermore, decompress and freshen up as you stargaze. The treehouse is perfect for stunning water views from the windows. So, sit around the fire pit and roast s’mores with your loved one. Additionally, the treehouse offers amazing hiking tracks for an early morning hike.  

Also, discover comfort and elegance displayed in the welcoming interior of the treehouse. There is a fully-equipped kitchen and bathroom. Moreover, your entertainment needs are also taken care of with books and board games. In addition, to build a strong connection to Mother Nature the treehouse doesn’t offer Wi-Fi. So, book this treehouse and experience relaxation, comfort and elegance!

Tiny Tree House Cabin Airbnb

Credit: Airbnb

Treehouse rentals in Connecticut help you create unforgettable memories. There are adventurous opportunities and Mother Nature’s calling. Thus, Connecticut is brimming with incredible magic. So, book one of these stunning treehouses and indulge in the essence of Connecticut’s fine beauty!