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15 Best Treehouse Rentals in Italy For a Unique Getaway

Italy, so rich in masterpieces of art and architecture, is a country visited by millions throughout the year. But what makes this experience worthwhile is the ever-loving natural attractions. Blessed with incredible eco-friendly stays, treehouse rentals in Italy boast outstanding lakes, mountains, and a dramatic coastline. So, if you are looking to spend your vacation days in this country of art, architecture, and stunning landscapes, let us guide you to the hidden world of Italy.

 Italy treehouses are the epitome of a magical experience amidst blue skies, crystal clear waters, and magnificent mountainous ranges. Exotic, charming, and serene all in one. So, gather your bags and make way to book some of the finest all-natural treehouses nestled amidst the luxury of Mother Nature. Keep on scrolling to discover a world of Italy that’ll bring to you the experience of a lifetime.

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Coolest Treehouse Rentals in Italy

Dreamy Treehouse

Location: Ostuni, Apulia, Italy

Price:  $142+ per night

The adventure of Dreamy Treehouse is hidden among the energy of centuries-old olive trees, and the colors of the red earth, and the light of the sky. This small yet cozy retreat is set up to bring its guests towards a unique, artistic, and ecological creation of mankind. The uniqueness of the treehouse comes from the fact that the treehouse is entirely from natural materials. 

You can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as you sit under an olive tree in the afternoon and read your favorite romance novel or drink your favorite cocktail. The double bed sleeps two along with its one bath and ensures comfort to the best of level. So, figure out your love for peace and tranquility at this Dreamy Treehouse and leave feeling refreshed. 

Luxury Treehouse Rental in Italy

Credit: Airbnb

Treehut Treehouse

Location:Gressan, AO, Valle d’Aosta, Italy

Price: $170+ per night

This three meters high magical treehouse sets the tone where you can indulge in a cozy holiday experience or a romantic night with your loved one. The reachable staircase of Treehut Treehouse is nestled amidst lush green branches. Furthermore, the mountainous scenic backdrop is bound to give you a fairytale experience of a lifetime.

The place ensures comfort for 2 guests with a double bed and fully equipped bath. Waking up to the breathtaking views through the large windows of the basin of Aosta and the summits above is what brings the magic to life. Also featuring an over-the-top luxury is the attached sauna that will probably give the best end to your day. In terms of comfort, there is everything you need in this little cabin for a satisfying stay. 

Treehut Treehouse italy

Credit: Airbnb

The Glass Treehouse 

Location: Casale Monferrato, Piemonte, Italy

Price: $633+ per night

Nestled in the heart of Monferrato, The Glass Treehouse offers an incredible 360 ​​sight and a unique panoramic view of the stunning surroundings. Packed with comfort and luxury, Glass Treehouse offers you a bedroom full of comfort and a marble bathroom along with an elegant living room and a fully equipped kitchen. Above all, the Sauna and Hammam bring your luxury vibes to life and you can spend your days relaxing in your comfort. 

The treehouse location is surrounded by several amazing outdoor activities like the 36 Hole Golf Course, horse riding, and excellent wineries. Staying in the Glass House is truly a unique experience in Italy! 

Glass House Italy Airbnb

Credit: Airbnb

Seafront Ecolodge Treehouse

Location: Monte Argentario, Tuscany, Italy

Price: $257+ per night

Want a little slice of heaven? This uniquely inspiring treehouse built on a seafront hill and surrounded by the beauty of nature is just what you need to witness in paradise. The treehouse boasts panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea through its lush green gardens and blossoming flowers. With plenty to do both indoors and outdoors, feel the uniqueness in everything. 

The indoor create a cozy environment through its wood fire burner where you can cuddle up and make sweet memories. The outdoors offers plenty more with the wooden deck and hammocks. So you can relax under the moonlight as you fall asleep to the sounds of the crashing waves. 

With a romantic spot for 4, you are in for a truly unique and romantic out-of-the-ordinary experience at Seafront Ecolodge Treehouse. 

Seafront Ecolodge Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

Real Tree Cabin

Location: Gubbio, Umbria, Italy

Price: $57+ per night

A back-to-nature experience, here we come! The 10 hectares of fields and woods surrounding this treehouse are what makes your experience worth memorable. From a meditation hall to the sauna, the treehouse offers you both relaxation and a fun time. 

The cabin itself has a sofa bed and an all-inclusive kitchenette to fulfill your desires. The treehouse hosts a total of 2 guests and you can feel the beautiful presence of the glorious trees and that is, perhaps, the closest you could be to mother nature. 

The treehouse, immersed in nature gives a therapeutic experience through its sheer tranquility and seclusion. Furthermore, an extra cost of around 8 euros will give you access to the swimming pool for the whole day. So don’t miss out on this adventure away from home!

Real Tree Cabin in Italy

Credit: Airbnb

Sky Treehouse

Location: Gubbio, Umbria, Italy

Price:  $65+ per night

Experience your spiritual retreat away from the bustle of daily life at Sky Treehouse. This treehouse skyrockets to the sky of the Umbrian Hills and offers you breathtaking sights of the sunrise and the sunsets. With almost no to little pollution, you can stargaze at night with the clear sky above you. 

Sky Treehouse is perfect for two people, so you can book the treehouse for a turning point in your vacation. Embrace nature at this 2 bed and 2 bath treehouse with nature’s beauty as the prime attraction. 

Treehouse cantilever in the Sky

Credit: Airbnb

Treehouse Holm Oaks

Location: Montemagno, Camaiore, Italy

Price:  $198+ per night

Set atop the hills of Lucchesia, Treehouse Holm Oaks is a magical treehouse with panoramic views. From the rush of the wind to the chirping of the birds, you will wake up amidst the glory of Mother Nature. You can have your morning coffee on the beautiful terrace as you look out at the incredible sunrise. Have your breakfast among the branches of the trees and experience your closeness to nature. 

The one bed and one bath treehouse make it a comfortable stay for 2 guests. So, be sure to reunite with your roots with your loved one by your side. Furthermore, the treehouse is surrounded by some outdoor pizzerias and restaurants within walking distance. So you can now make the most out of your experience with your favorite meal. But we recommend you have a flashlight for the way back or let the moonlight guide you home!

Treehouse Holm Oaks

Credit: Airbnb

Treehouse by Etore

Location: Lentella, Abruzzo, Italy

Price:  $145+ per night

Treehouse by Etore is dedicated to romance and sets the spark for couples to reignite their romance amidst nature. So, be it a special occasion or simply a rekindling of your love, let this treehouse bring your love back to life. 

At this treehouse, you step right into nature and you’re surrounded by amazing views; both agricultural and sea. The treehouse itself is eco-friendly and filled with all the essentials you need for an amazing stay. So you can get away from stress and enjoy the tranquility the treehouse transmits. Best of all, Ettore and Barbara are super caring and attentive hosts and ensure that your stay is worth it.

Treehouse Rental Airbnb in Italy

Credit: Airbnb

Casetta Adelina Treehouse

Location: Cantiano, Marche, Italy

Price: $132+ per night

This beautiful treehouse is set among beech and oak trees in the forests of Marche hills. It is uniquely designed for those who love greenery and want to spend a few days in comfort and privacy. The treehouse is specially built keeping in mind the stability and care of Mother Nature. The outdoors has plenty of activities for you to enjoy. There is a large hammock along with tables and chairs on the patio for you to spend your days relaxing amidst the soothing sounds of nature.

Furthermore, you have complete access to the swimming pool without any additional charges throughout your stay. Best of all is the all-inclusive breakfast provided by the host that will leave you craving for more. 

With comfy accommodations for two guests, be sure to go visit with someone as much of a nature enthusiast as you. 

Casetta Adelina Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

The Casalot Nest

Location: Frassino, Piemonte, Italy

Price: $290+per night

The Casalot Nest is surrounded by the mountainous forest of Val Varaita. This treehouse offers amazing activities. So, you can forget your stress and relax. The place can host up to five guests in its 5 beds and a private all-inclusive bathroom.

Outdoors, you can especially enjoy the heated swimming pool throughout the day. Furthermore, you can enjoy some amazing activities both at an extra cost; a Finnish sauna and a hot tub. Relaxing in the sauna or hot tub makes your stay more exciting for you and your partner. 

The Casalot Nest Treehouse Rental

Credit: Airbnb

Chestnuttree Treehouse

Location: Capo di Ponte, brescia Lombardia, Italy

Price:  $116+ per night

This treehouse is perhaps the most loved. Set atop a 9 m high old chestnut tree in the middle of nature, it is a treat for nature enthusiasts. If you are looking for a full treehouse experience, then this is just the one for you. Nature lovers are going to experience their closeness to the simple yet luxurious life here. Throughout your stay, you can feel the sounds and scents of nature, and the delight of witnessing scenic beauty. 

The porch and big garden provide a perfect way for you to reconnect with mother nature. You can also leave the windows of the treehouse open for a lovely breeze throughout the night. The best of all is the all-in-one breakfast served to you by the hosts. The breakfast is bound to exceed your expectations as everything is homemade!

Chestnuttree Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

Lime Luxury Treehouse

Location: Salionze, Veneto, Italy

Price: $265+ per night

Are you ready to experience the thrill of sleeping at a height of 5 meters amidst branches of large lime trees? This treehouse suite is uniquely designed with a philosophy that distinguishes all the rooms of the structure. At this treehouse, you will experience the charm of retro wood brought back to life surrounded by extraordinary nature.

There is an exclusive swimming pool that will allow you to destress as you witness the reflecting colors of the sky. You can also choose to relax your muscles in the heated whirlpool after a tiring day cycling or simply stay to bask in the sun. Furthermore, you can discover the area with the bicycles provided. 

The treehouse hosts 3 guests with its queen-sized double bed and one bath. You can also experience the exclusive accessibility to the roof and witness the extraordinary charm of the river and landscapes. 

Wooden Treehouse

Location: Casalborgone, Piemonte, Italy

Price:  $63+ per night

This Italy treehouse is uniquely made of living trees as it is built with natural materials respecting nature and this is what amazes the guests the most. The Wooden Treehouse is surrounded by greenery all around and radiates charm and beauty through its structure. The treehouse has the great option of living among nature without any modernism and electricity. Thus, you can decide whether to turn on the electricity or feel the complete rhythm of nature in the woods. 

The indoors of the treehouse has a comfortable sleeping bed, bedside tables, and wardrobe. The bathroom, on the other hand, is located about 15 m away, with water and a hot shower. Furthermore, you can enjoy the outdoor pool and orchards and enjoy the incredibly beautiful and magical essence of nature. 

Wooden Treehouse Cabin

Credit: Airbnb

Country Treehouse

Location: Asolo, Veneto, Italy

Price: $80+ per night

The Country Treehouse welcomes you with its characteristic peace, becoming an ideal place for your rest. This incredible treehouse is surrounded by a wonderful park, a lake of water lilies and lotus flowers, paths in the woods, and orchards. With plenty to do in the beauty of nature, the treehouse also has a beautiful private terrace where you can enjoy the glorious view.

Best of all is the buffet breakfast to entice your taste buds. It includes everything from freshly baked croissants and pastries to coffee, jam, and butter. Furthermore, there is a swimming pool provided where you can relax and bask in the sun while the gentle breeze caresses your face.

Country Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

Treehouse Crusoe Tent

Location: Collelungo, Lazio, Italy

Price:  $283+ per night

Crusoe Tent Treehouse is raised from the ground, among majestic oaks and other plants that will offer you the opportunity to connect with nature. You can spot squirrels and birds throughout your day to brighten up your stay. There is a lot to do here. You can enjoy the hot tub outside on the veranda to relax in peace. Further, you can go for long walks among mother nature in the evenings or feel the wind on horseback. 

The indoors of the treehouse is equipped with air conditioning and heating so you can enjoy the beauty of nature from in all its seasons from indoors. The two-bed and one-bath host up to 5 guests. So, you can plan a trip with your small family or group of friends and book this retreat away from home in the heart of nature. 

Now that you have discovered the exquisite beauty of Italy treehouse rentals, why not begin shortlisting your favorites! It’s never too late to reconnect with your roots and bring your inner peace to the top. Away from the hustle of city life, Italy treehouse rentals are here to make you leave feeling more radiant and peaceful than before!

Treehouse Crusoe Tent

Credit: Airbnb


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