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15 Best Treehouse Rentals in Mexico for a Heavenly Getaway

Mexico, the favorite destination getaway for many, brings an endless fun-filled experience for tourists from all over the world. If you are planning a heavenly getaway amongst nature, then we got your back! Treehouse rentals in Mexico are filled with magnificent scenery, stunning sandy beaches, and seemingly endless landscapes of the country. Mexico gives its adventure and nature enthusiasts the opportunity to indulge in the astonishingly heavenly vibes of treehouse rentals. 

To be atop among the hills and mountains in a treehouse is a luxury itself. It is incomparable to anything. Whether you are looking for a glamping getaway or a romantic escape, treehouse rentals will give you an experience of a lifetime amidst the rustling leaves and cool breeze. Get ready to be swayed with the uniqueness of each treehouse rental listed below! 

Coolest Treehouse Rentals in Mexico

Jungle Eco Treehouse

Location: Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Price: $103+ per night

Are you looking for an over-the-edge experience in Mexico? Jungle Eco Treehouse is located at the edge of Mayan Jungle, nestled in nature’s grasp. What makes this treehouse unique is its dome shape and special design. If you want to be near nature but also within access to the town, then this treehouse is the one for you! With plenty of outdoor activities, you can swim in the cenotes close by or spend a romantic night stargazing with your dearest. 

The treehouse is surrounded by the jungle and helps you have a relaxing eco-friendly retreat, so be ready to witness some incredible sights. You can also hike on a nearby trail, sit in comfy chairs on the terrace and read a book, or close your eyes in the hammock and relax. 

The treehouse hosts two guests with its 1 bed and 1 bath. Best of all, you get to enjoy a delicious breakfast in the treetops.

Jungle Eco Tree House in Mexico Airbnb

Credit: Airbnb

Monte Mitla Rosa Nest

Location: Jalisco, Mexico

Price: $42+ per night

Located on top of a 2300 MSN mountain, you will find Monte Mitla Nest, a dreamy natural retreat for a family holiday or a romantic getaway. The treehouse, also called a nest, is furnished with a king-size bed, kitchenette, and basic utensils. There is plenty for you to do at this nature’s retreat. 

Get ready to make memories with this glamping experience as you roast s’mores around the fireplace or cuddle with your loved one in the hammock on the terrace. Stargazing and relaxation are a luxury you wouldn’t want to miss at this treehouse. Moreover, there is a barbeque grill on the terrace. So, you get to enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner amidst the spectacular view of the mountains. 

At this treehouse, you will come across a unique and memorable place for meditation called “tonal focus” where when speaking you can hear the echo of your voice in the center of the circle. 

Unique Treehouse Rental in Mexico

Credit: Airbnb

Monte Mitla Violet Nest

Location: Jalisco, Mexico

Price: $42+ per night

Set atop 13 hectares of mountains, the Violet Nest gives a spectacular view of the Tiger Mountain Range as you enjoy unbeatable tranquility. The treehouse brings you a true calling to meditate, discern or relax your mind. 

The treehouse offers a campfire area for you to make the full out of your relaxing holiday. You can sit around the fireplace and breathe in the fresh breeze. Further, there is also a meditating spot on a tonal focus, where when speaking you can hear the echo of your voice in the center of the circle. 

It is furnished with a sofa-bed and a multi-purpose fireplace for a quiet night in. There is also a dining room and kitchenette with essentials. Furthermore, the terrace is your go-to place to witness the glory of nature and panoramic views. There is also a barbeque for those who love to cook up a delicious meal. Thus, if you love nature you will love Monte Mitla!

Ecovillage Mount Mitla. Violet Nest

Credit: Airbnb

Beachfront Treehouse

Location: Arroyo Cruz , Oaxaca, Mexico

Price: $65+ per night

Located in front of one of the best bays in Mexico, Beachfront Treehouse is set in a wonderful space surrounded by nature. Luxury, uniqueness, and comfort, all-in-one! The treehouse is set just across the white sand of the turquoise bay, so you can imagine the serene vibe it sets for its guests. The bay is a great place to relax. You can spend most of your day bird or whale watching as you sit in your private lounge in the treehouse. 

If you are one of those techies who cannot stay from using their mobiles, then there is Wi-Fi available for you. So, you can lay in the hammock on the terrace, plug in your earphones, and stargaze at night! Furthermore, a swimming pool is also available for you to cool off during midday when it gets hot. Among other activities for you, there is snorkeling. So, go and experience this true hidden gem!

Beach Front Tree Cabin with Pool

Credit: Airbnb

Rancho Danza Treehouse

Location: Todos Santos, B.C.S., Mexico

Price: $89+ per night

This unique treehouse is set inside a large mango tree, radiating uniqueness and charm all around. The retreat overlooks the gorgeous plantation giving you access to the whole ranch. There is a tennis court and walking trails for you to spend your morning playing or simply breathing in the fresh air. There is also a swimming pool available for you to relax and feel the essence of the surroundings. 

Furthermore, if you are a dog lover, then get ready to be amazed by the dogs waiting outside the treehouse to greet you every morning as you walk down the stairs. The house hosts up to 3 guests, so be it a small friends reunion or a family holiday, you can have the best time of your life here!

Rancho Danza Treehouse Mexico

Credit: Airbnb

Treehouse Jungle Dreams

Location: Leona Vicario, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Price: $123+ per night

Hidden in the tropical greenery of the luscious jungle, Treehouse Jungle Dream awaits you for a charming getaway! Couples are especially welcome here to make your romantic moments even more exciting. Let the cheerful birds wake you up in the morning and the breathtaking view of nature begin your day with a spark. Being near the jungle, the room is facilitated with a mosquito net for a peaceful night. 

You can explore the Secret Cenote along with the island and cave to make magical memories. There is also a relaxing area with hammocks where you can indulge in the beauty of the views. Further, your nights are made extra special with a barbeque and bar area. So, you can make the most out of your trip here with all the essentials. 

If you are a jungle enthusiast, then this treehouse offers you an authentic jungle experience in harmony with nature.  

Treehouse Bungalow Salamandra

Location: Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, México

Price: 58+ per night

It is situated just 5 minutes from downtown Playa del Carmen and built by glorious bungalows. What makes it different and unique is that it is split from other sites by the tropical jungle, enriching you with trees, fruits, and wild birds. A full tropical feeling is the specialty of Treehouse Bungalow.

You will have access to a grand plant area where you will witness amazing tropical delicacies. Find yourself access to homemade products like bread, granola, biscuits, sweets, and delights from our wood oven. Plus indulge in the local fruits, traditional dishes, and juices, all for a fair price. 

The treehouse can comfortably host up to 4 guests. There are also plenty of indoor activities to select from. Board games such as Scrabble, Boggle, Backgammon, Chess, Playing Cards, and Poker Chips are just a few to name. You can also find an exclusive book collection to choose from as you relax here. 

Treehouse Bungalow Salamandra Mexico AirbnbTreehouse Bungalow Salamandra Mexico Airbnb

Credit: Airbnb

Treehouse La Selva

Location: Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, México

Price: $60+ per night

Treehouse La Selva is also a treehouse separated by grand bungalows through a tropical jungle. Located at only a 40 minutes drive from the airport, the treehouse offers a pick and drop transportation service. So there you go, that’s one less thing to worry about on your relaxing getaway! 

The guests have full access to the swimming pool to relax and chill at your ease. But the best feature of all is the access to the tropical garden and fresh quality food that is produced there. Get ready to indulge in a variety of options of food. You can choose from local food, lots of tropical fruits, homemade granola, and bread from the very own wood oven. 

Above all, the treehouse offers fast WiFi so you can stay connected with your family and friends throughout your stay. 

Treehouse La Selva Airbnb

Credit: Airbnb

Treehouse Rancho La Joya 

Location: Los Arana, Estado de México, México

Price: $45+ per night

A treehouse for couples, family, or a group of friends is ready at your service. There is everything you need for a beautiful and fun-filled time among your dears at this treehouse. The terrace allows you to enjoy breathtaking views of nature. 

Along with it, there are wooden chairs and a bar for you to comfortably enjoy your meal and drinks in the cool outdoor breeze. You can also enjoy the panoramic views of the sunset from the hanging hammocks or enjoy a camping experience at the fireplace in front of the treehouse. 

Children and adults can enjoy on swings or relax in the hammocks. Among other activities, there are trails for trekking and hiking along with mountain biking for all the adventure enthusiasts just nearby.

The treehouse is pet-friendly, so bring your furry friends along. Don’t forget to ask your host to lend an extra bed for them!

Treehouse Rancho La Joya 

Credit: Airbnb

Vista Del Mar Treehouse

Location: Mulege, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Price: $65+ per night

Destress and disconnect from the hustle and indulge in the true essence of this treehouse! Witness exotic mountain and ocean views and breathe in the refreshing ocean wind. This treehouse-style cabin has a yoga deck and balcony where you can get in touch with your inner peace in seclusion. You can feel the magical touch of the treehouse by spending your nights under the open sky as you stargaze and get back in touch with nature and yourself. 

Among the various activities for you to do here are snorkeling, hiking, paddle-boarding, or kayaking. All the beach gear is available, just ask for it!

Vista Del Mar Treehouse Glamping Mexico

Credit: Airbnb

Hidden Treehouse

Location: Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Price: $159+ per night

Are you in for a heavenly holiday getaway somewhere amidst the glory of nature? Then, Hidden Treehouse offers you the most relaxed and laid-back atmosphere at the edge of the Mayan Jungle. The floor-to-ceiling windows create a bright & airy space. This is perfect for enjoying the panoramic views of the jungle from both the upper & lower balconies. 

It is designed with a traditional Mexican décor with 2-beds and a private bath. Furthermore, the treehouse is set in a location with access to Tulum’s hippest shops, restaurants, and bars just a few steps away. Best of all, it is just a 2-minute walk to the beach. So, experience relaxation, comfort, and heavenly sunrises at this dreamy treehouse. 

Tulum Treehouse Rental

Credit: Airbnb

Huamuchil Treehouse

Location: San Jacinto Amilpas, Oaxaca, Mexico

Price: $77+ per night

A romantic getaway for newlyweds or couples to reignite their spark – this cozy treehouse is ideal for couples. The unique feature of this retreat is the panoramic sliding ceiling of the room. So, you can lay in bed comfortably at night and enjoy stargazing with your partner. Another extraordinary feature is the shower just under the tree outdoors where the water comes out right under the tree. 

The treehouse itself is located inside a fully enclosed property with a large garden full of plants. With uniqueness radiating in every bit, this pet-friendly treehouse won’t stop surprising you. 

Huamuchil Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

Quaint Treehouse

Location: Valle de Bravo, Estado de México, Mexico

Price: $37+ per night

Rejuvenate at this quaint and quiet treehouse and return feeling refreshed and new with a peaceful mind to start all over. You can witness the panoramic views of the glorious mountains and lake from the bay-like windows. Among other facilities, there is a shared terrace for you to enjoy incredible views and stargaze at night. 

Furthermore, if you have a busy online meeting or work suddenly comes up, there is fast WiFi and a dedicated workplace at your service. The treehouse itself is a landscape to admire with the artistic touch and decorations. You can find all the essentials in the kitchen and bathroom. Also, pets are heartily welcome!

Quaint Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

Beach Treehouse

Location: Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Price: $223+ per night

Set right in the center of Tulum’s famous strip, this stunning Beach Treehouse is beautifully decorated with a boho-chic style. It is designed in a 360 shape to maximize the flow of air inside which keeps the treehouse fresh and cool all day long. Not only are you a street away from the crystal clear waters of the beach but also within reach of the best restaurants and bars in the area. 

The floor-to-ceiling windows all over the house are perfect to enjoy the view comfortably. Furthermore, if you are a party lover the good news is it is located next to three nightclubs. It is set in the heart of the party so expect to hear the music pumping! 

Now that you have come across timeless treehouses in Mexico that not only offer an extraordinary experience but also offer you a home away from home, you can get ready to set for a new adventure! So, why not book your first treehouse in Mexico and ignite the spark of relaxation amidst mountain tops and lavish tropical jungles. Your next adventure awaits you!

Tulum Beach Treehouse Rental

Credit: Airbnb

Baläo Beach Treehouse

Location: El Cuyo, Yucatán, México

Price: $92+ per night

This gorgeous treehouse is set on the Peninsula, between the jungle and the sea, and with the exclusivity of having all the services you require for a comfortable and peaceful getaway. So, you can enjoy the incredible views of the sea and at the same time witness the flamingos nearby. 

Furthermore, there is also a pool for you to relax in seclusion along with a private lounge. But don’t forget the beautiful and almost empty beaches which are ideal for kite surfers. There is also an outdoor open shower for you to experience under the sun in the morning and the start at night. 

The treehouse itself is furnished with a comfortable king-sized bed and accommodates 2 guests for a chill holiday vibe. 

Baläo Beach Treehouse in Mexico

Credit: Airbnb

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