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TOP 25 Treehouse Rentals in Tennessee for a Unique Getaway

Planning a glamping getaway and searching for the very BEST Treehouse Rentals Tennessee has to offer? Well, look no further, as I’ve compiled this incredible guide filled with the coolest treehouses in Tennessee that you’ll absolutely adore! 

As the colorful and vibrant autumn season arrives, you won’t resist planning your trip to one of the incredible and unique Tennessee tree house getaways! Spend some time with your better half in style where you can experience nature from a spot closest to it.  Witness the magnificent Great Smoky Mountains and Land Between the Lakes in the most eco-friendly environment that heals your mind and body. 

From rustic to luxury, these Tennessee Treehouse rentals are sure to give you a creek view of the relaxing scenery and pleasantly surprising living in the heart of Tennessee’s most adventurous areas! 

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treehouse rentals tennessee

Top 25 Treehouse Rentals Tennessee

The Cedar in Treehouse Grove at Norton Creek

The Cedar in Treehouse Grove at Norton Creek

Credit: The Cedar in Treehouse Grove at Norton Creek

Location: Norton Creek Resort, Gatlinburg

Price: $400+ per night

“Write your own adventure story at the Cedar Treehouse in Gatlinburg. With this rustic location serving as your base of operations, you will strike out into the valleys and hills of the Great Smoky Mountains and make precious memories that you will treasure for a lifetime.”

Treehouse Grove is one of the most popular treehouse resorts in Tennessee, and offer several different rentals available! There are actually 8 different treehouses for rent here, but one of my personal favorites is this one, “The Cedar“.

It’s a two-bedroom/ two-bath perfect for four guests looking to escape into the wilderness in style! Backed with glowing reviews and excellent customer service, you’re guaranteed a luxury experience here if you book a stay here!

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The Cedar in Treehouse Grove at Norton Creek

Credit: VRBO

The Dogwood Treehouse | Treehouse Grove Tennessee

The Dogwood in Treehouse Grove at Norton Creek

Location: Norton Creek Resort, Gatlinburg

Price: $377+ per night

This spectacular treehouse rental is placed 40-45 ft above the ground gives incredible getaway goals! This canopy-style Dogwood Treehouse is incredibly built with a unique technique, and is located among the lush green forest that you’ll absolutely fall in love with.

Everything that is made and available inside the treehouse will blow your mind as well as provide some stress relief while admiring it! Soak up your morning drinking coffee on the low deck and listen the soothing sound of the birds. 

This Tennessee treehouse rental comes with 2 bedrooms, each with beds and a bathroom — making it comfortably accommodate 4 guests. So it’s perfect for a family getaway, or a group of friends looking for a unique stay. 

Equipped with a smart lock system, this treehouse has a covered deck as well. Besides, enjoy the luxuries like WiFi, air conditioning, kitchenette, fully equipped bathrooms, free parking, and various other essentials just at your service. 

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The Dogwood Treehouse Rental Gatlinburg

Credit: VRBO

Treehouse Mountain — Stamish Castle

Treehouse Mountain — Stamish Castle

Credit: Treehouse Mountain — Stamish Castle

Location: Copperhill, Tennessee

Price: $232+ per night

A relaxing vacation in the mountains is definitely a dream come true. So, come relax in the mountains at this Stamish Castle Treehouse Mountain Retreat! Set amidst the striking mountainous ranges of Copperfield, begin your magical experience here. This treehouse overlooks the magnificent view of the entire forest in all directions. Moreover, there is a bathhouse just a few yards away for you to enjoy a steamy shower as you bathe in the glory of the atmosphere. 

Here at this treehouse, there is a private fire pit along with firewood and fire starter as well so a lovely winter evening. Furthermore, there is a pond a short walk away. Moreover, the treehouse also features heating, air conditioning, as well as a Smart TV for a relaxing night indoors. The all-inclusive kitchenette is supplied with all the essentials for a delightful meal and a comfortable stay. The treehouse sleeps 4 guests with its 2 beds and 1 bath. So, be sure to indulge in the essence of this magical treehouse. 

Stamish Castle at Treehouse Mountain!

Credit: Airbnb

The Tree Escape — Luxury Treehouse Rental

Location: Sevierville, Tennessee

Price: $204+ per night

Built by the Treehouse Guys from DIY network show, the TreEscape will make sure you get the real treehouse experience. You can visit this place for a romantic getaway, a family vacation or even your honeymoon. 2 live trees growing through the interior of this treehouse makes it unique for your luxurious stay in the trees. Amenities include unlimited high-speed internet, hot tub, queen-sized bed, leather sofa, and many more for carefree relaxation. 

Have a look beneath the treehouse and you will find a pub table and swinging chairs. Access the place easily by a car, SUV, truck or motorcycle. Pets are not allowed. Good news – You can arrange parties but smoking is strictly prohibited!

Out of all the amazing treehouses in Tennessee I’ve written about, this is where I’m hoping to stay the most when I visit next year!

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treehouse rentals tennessee 2022

This is my personal favorite of the treehouse rentals Tennessee |Credit: VRBO

The TreEscape

Credit: VRBO

Hummingbird Treehouse With Hot Tub & Fireplace

The Hummingbird - treehouse rentals tennessee

The Humminbird Treehouse in Tennessee | Credit: VRBO

Location: Monteagle, Tennessee

Price: $167+ per night

This gorgeous treehouse is nestled away amidst nearly 18 acres of secluded woods. With spectacular features and private amenities, Hummingbird Treehouse is designed to bring you uniqueness and comfort all in one. So, if you’re looking for a quiet place to unplug, relax in nature, and take a breath from our hectic world, then this is the place!

The treehouse features a spectacular solo “smokeless” fire pit outdoors overlooking the picturesque beauty of the forest. So, you can enjoy your stocked-up firewood and settle into your very own private saltwater hot tub right beside the fireplace. Also, consider a romantic and peaceful experience at this treehouse with the private double-wide hammock for you to kick your feet up and relax during the day. Moreover, you can witness the starlit sky and breath in the cool night breeze before skipping off to your cozy bed at night. 

The Hummingbird hosts up to 4 guests in its 1 bed and 1 bath accommodation. So, gather your bags and book this cozy Monteagle Treehouse away from the daily buzz of life. 

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Hummingbird Treehouse Getaway with Hot Tub

Tree House Rentals in Tennessee with Hot Tub |Credit: Airbnb

Dove Treehouse Getaway with Hot Tub

Dove Treehouse Getaway with Hot Tub

Dove Treehouse Getaway with Hot Tub | Credit: VRBO

Location: Monteagle, Tennessee

Price: $170+ per night

This charming and somewhat luxurious treehouse rental has recently been remodeled with brand new everything – including an incredible Nectar mattress, Smart TV’s, high-speed internet, gas fireplace, and so much more! 

Perfect for a glamping getaway no matter what time of the year, the Dove Treehouse is located within Monteagle Mountain and the Cumberland Plateau, which is one of the most underrated natural areas in the state!  “Designated nationally by the Natural Resources Defense Council as a “bio-gem” because of its rich diversity of wildlife, trees, birds and other species.”

It’s affordable, fun, and is guaranteed to keep you coming back every year!  

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Dove Treehouse Tennessee Getaway with Hot Tub

Credit: VRBO

Serenity Tree House Tennessee

Serenity House - Treehouse Rental Tennessee

Location: McEwen, Tennessee

Price: $139+ per night

This 460 square feet treehouse overlooks a small valley. This space is located high in the trees (about 20 ft at eye level at the highest point, and about 80 ft above the valley floor).

Leave your all exhaustion home, and spend some great time at Serenity House to make memories for life. Hosted by Catie and Marcia, Serenity house is perfect for two people but can accommodate 4 persons. As soon as you reach the property, the cream and white dog, LeeLoo will greet you. The difficulty level is moderate, and you will have to climb up the ladder to reach the treehouse. It has a loft bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living area and a spacious porch.  

If you are a techie person, be sure to bring your own games, movies and videos on your laptop because there is no tv or internet in this space. Plus there is very little phone service, and we recommend you to bring your own journal, books and other small hobbies. 

You can bring your pet and you will have to pay $40. Be sure pets are up to date on all flea and tick medication. If your pet is accustomed to sleeping in bed, please bring your own sheet. 

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Serenity House  - treehouse rentals tennessee airbnb

One of the most popular Treehouse Rentals Tennessee Airbnb listings

Sulphur Ridge Luxury Treehouse Rental

Sulfur Ridge-Tennessee's First Luxury Treehouse

Treehouse Airbnb Tennessee For Luxury Travelers | Credit: Airbnb

Location: Bloomington Springs, Tennessee

Price $305+ per night

Tennessee’s First Luxury Treehouse!

Want some luxurious treehouse time on 15 feet above the forest with your loved one? At Sulphur Ridge treehouse you will find various styles presenting different eras. The place ensures comfort for 2 guests but if your group comprises 6 or less people, book the retro inspired “Shasta Camp”. Although the kitchen is not available, other equipment like coffee maker, refrigerator, coffee maker, dishes and silverware, and barbecue utensils are available to make your stay much like an all-inclusive one. 

The treehouse location is surrounded by a number of outdoor activity spots like a campsite, Cummins Falls State Park, Burgess Falls State Park, Center Hill Lake and Cookeville’s historic town square. Nothing is ordinary at this treehouse which is why the perfectly designed hot tub for two will probably give the best end to your day. 

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Sulfur Ridge-Tennessee's First Luxury Treehouse

Doesn’t get much better than this Luxury Treehouse Rentals Tennessee | Credit: Airbnb

Sanctuary — Treehouses of Serenity

Sanctuary, Treehouses of Serenity

Credit: Airbnb

Location: Asheville, North Carolina

Price: $311+ per night

Okay, so this might not be in the Tennessee, but it’s one of the most popular treehouse rentals on Airbnb, and only a short drive away from many cities in Tennessee!

Mesmerize the fairy tale vibe and serenity of this custom-made treehouse in the midst of towering white oaks that has a well-lit path to entrance. Caroline and Mike host the Sanctuary Treehouse.  Whether you are a fan of star gazing or you love witnessing golden sunset, recline on a rocking chair to enjoy timeless moments. The place has space for up to 4 guests and is fully equipped all the time. 

Want to visit nearby places? Places like restaurants, local visitor centres, and grocery stores are located just at a driving distance. Spent some quality time at one of the unique Treehouse rentals in Tennessee to make memories for life. 

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Sanctuary tennessee treehouse rentals

Credit: Airbnb

Cupid’s Cove Cabin in SE TN Mountains

Cupid's Cove Cabin in SE TN Mountains

Credit: Airbnb

Location: Tellico Plains, Tennessee

Price: $82+ per night

Dan, the host, has everything ready for you at Cupid’s Cave Cabin so that you can have a treehouse experience never before. With all the comforting vibes inside the treehouse, you can also go for hikes as the treehouse is nestled in Cherokee National Forest-perfect for outdoor activities too. There’s space for up to 4 people; a bed accommodating 2 people and a foldable sofa that can make space for two more people. Although driving to this treehouse is possible with most cars, it is suggested that you should drive a small SUV or truck during heavy rainfall and snowfall. 

The treehouse has all the necessary amenities i.e. furnished kitchen, wifi, AC, TV, Dish Network, and many more to make you feel like home. Mobile network access is limited but you can use the landline for local calls and have wifi access.

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Cupid's Cove Cabin Tree House Rental in Tennessee

Credit: Airbnb

The Magnolia in Treehouse Grove at Norton Creek, Tennessee

The Magnolia in Treehouse Grove at Norton Creek

Credit: Airbnb

Location: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Price: $372+ per night 

Ayerus vacation rentals offer The Magnolia made with the alluring nature’s gist. Built by the master of treehouses Pete Nelson, this place will remind you of your childhood with trees. It is structured in a way that the weather changes doesn’t bother you at all. Refresh yourself at every moment because The Magnolia will take care of your relaxation and luxury with comforting beds and resort-like amenities. 4 people can easily be accommodated because there are two bedrooms and two beds available. 

The Magnolia has wisely taken advantage of the forest landscape as you will see it right at the moment you reach this place. The stairs guiding you towards the treehouse are covered with the evergreen nature and the venue is like the real embracement of nature’s love. 

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The Magnolia in Treehouse Grove at Norton Creek, Tennessee

Can’t wait to stay at this treehouse rental tennessee for myself |Credit: Airbnb

Gatlinburg Tennessee Tree House Rental

Location: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Price: $191+ per night

Hosted by Camp LeConte, Gatlinburg Luxury Treehouse allows you to enjoy activities like ping pong, board games, and corn hole all at one place. You will be welcomed with a refreshing cooler of ice and bottled water the moment you reach the treehouse. Also, a playground and a heated pool at this treehouse make it the best one to find joy at with your lovely people.

You can have a pool of your own. Besides that, wifi access is unlimited so no worries for a techie person like you. This treehouse offers accommodation for 4 people. Keep in mind, pets are not allowed here.  

The Gatlinburg Luxury Treehouse is 4 miles away from downtown Gatlinburg and located near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. You can enjoy the open-air environment and all the campground amenities. 

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Gatlinburg Luxury Tree House

Credit: Airbnb

Gatlinburg Tennessee Tree House Rental

Credit: Airbnb

Celesterra – Transformation Amidst Heaven and Earth

Celesterra- Transformation Amidst Heaven and Earth

Credit: Airbnb

Location: Canton, North Carolina

Price: $130+ per night

This 230 sq.ft space placed 15 feet above the ground is ideal for a spiritual retreat as we all need some rejuvenation every now and then. Book the treehouse for min 3 or max 7 days for self-healing and experience the ultimate zen moment. The treehouse is designed with spaces perfect for meditation and relaxation. It has a beautiful living area with a wood stove and leather club chairs. Plus, you will find a nice dining table, fully stocked kitchenette and a bathroom with a composting toilet. 

Celesterra is perfect for those who are vegetarian as the hosts have a “NO MEAT” rule for the treehouse. Also, there is a BIG NO for garlic and onions too so that the smell doesn’t bother guests after you.

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Celesterra Transformation Amidst Heaven and Earth

The Fox Den Treehouse 

Location: Greeneville, Tennessee

Price: $165+ per night

The Fox Den Treehouse gives a unique theme with llamas grazing around right in front of you. Enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets while relaxing a cosy time during your stay. The treehouse has a cosy bed and both a wine and coffee bar too. The Fox Den is perfect for a group of two or if there are two more persons, you are allowed to set up your own tent nearby by paying $15 extra charges. Extra guests can also be accommodated at the llama Lodge Glamping tent.  

Take the leisurely swing here while you enjoy the beauty of this place. With special reservation, you can go on a guided llama hike if the weather allows. 

The place is not suitable for infants. Also, pets are not allowed. 

Fox Den Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

The Nest — Adult Treehouse near Nashville, TN

The Nest, Adult Treehouse near Nashville

Credit: Airbnb

Location: Mount Juliet, Tennessee

Price: $143 + per night

This treehouse is probably best for those looking for a secluded private treehouse getaway. Located on a 51-acre farm and Agritourism destination, this place is ideal for 2 guests. Once you are here, you will  forget the exhausting hustle-bustle of city life. Despite the secluded location, you can have easy access to shopping centres and restaurants nearby. ; It is located only 22 miles from downtown Nashville. 

It is perfect for hammock camping enthusiasts who love to relax beside your campfire. Don’t worry about your normal leisure necessities like wifi and TV because The Nest provides them with all. The place is close to the airport so you will experience no difficulty reaching here but not close enough to disturb your peace vibe.

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The Nest — Adult Treehouse near Nashville, TN

tree house rentals in tennesseetree house rentals in tennessee

Three Story Unique & Luxury Treehouse 

Unique Treehouse With Spectacular View

Location: Springfield, Tennessee

Price: $125+ per night

The structure of this unique treehouse is completely loveable. It is located just 30 minutes from Nashville. Enjoy fishing and a hot tub (9 am to 11 pm) bath while you spend a perfect getaway here. Accommodation for two guests involves a wide range of amenities including wifi, free parking, toiletries, babysitting facilities, etc. As you reach the deck on the top, you will be able to enjoy the majestic Carr Creek scenery. 

Unlike most of the treehouse rentals in Tennessee, pets and infants are allowed here. You need to pay a $35 pet fee. Keep in mind your pet should be leashed at all times so that other guests don’t face any inconvenience. There are various other treehouse rentals on the property. Besides the amenities provided, you will get to enjoy the lush green environment around you during your stay. 

Luxury treehouses in tennessee

One of the Best Luxury Treehouses in Tennessee! | Credit: Airbnb

cool tennessee treehouse rentals

The Treehouse Cabin in Tennessee

The Treehouse Cabin

Credit: Airbnb

Location: Crossville, Tennessee

Price: $126+ per night

Enjoy this over the lake treehouse near Nashville and make memories forever. The treehouse is surrounded by beautiful nature like a spring filled lake, parks that are not crowded, trees, greenery and a lot more. More than nature’s beauty, there are places which you will love to visit including Fall Creek Falls, Ozone Falls, Clifty Creek, Cumberland State Park, The Cumberland Playhouse, and The Tanger Outlets at easy distances. If you stay stuck with work online or need WiFi all the time, you will have to bring your hotspot along to avoid any inconvenience. Consider a campfire experience at the Treehouse Cabin because the huge fire pit here with firewood is irresistible for a perfect vacation vibe. 

While this treehouse space can accommodate up to 6 guests and the big windows will make sure you never feel away from the fresh natural air. If you are a nature lover, be sure that you have found the perfect treehouse. 

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treehouse rentals tennessee airbnb

The Eagle Treehouse

Location: Monteagle, Tennessee

Price: $169+ per night

This amazing treehouse is an incredible place to relax and unwind away from crowds and pollution. It is tucked away between 18 acres of secluded woods. So, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the forest from the large, covered porch. It also makes for a lovely spot to enjoy home-cooked meals and a spectacular fire pit. The porch also features a very private saltwater hot tub for you to make forever memories. From stocked-up firewood to a private double-wide hammock, The Eagle ensures an extraordinary experience for its guests.

The Eagle also offers a dedicated bedroom and separate loft space, specially designed for kids. There is a full kitchen with all the amenities you require for a delightful dine-in. This amazing treehouse can accommodate up to 6 guests. 

Moreover, The Eagle is a short 7-minute drive to downtown Monteagle where you can indulge in numerous great restaurants and antique shops and discover many wonderful activities. So, bring your family along to experience a home away from home amidst Mother Nature. 

The Eagle Treehouse Rental in Tennessee

Credit: Airbnb

Grandview Treehouse

Location: Altamont, Tennessee

Price: $150+ per night

Enjoy this Grandview Treehouse with bluff views and make your moments memorable. The treehouse is located where you can get away from the daily buzz of life to just relax. You can enjoy the beautiful views of nature, fish in the well-stocked pond and a lot more. Above all, if you have an adventurous streak, then this treehouse has a lot more to offer you. Just within a short distance, there are local areas for hiking, repelling, ATV riding, and cave exploring for you to spend your entire day.

Moreover, there are places which you will love to visit. Some of these include Stone Door State Park, Greeter Falls, Fiery Gizzard trail, The Caverns Venue, and Cumberland Caverns. Further, consider a golfing experience at Grandview Treehouse at 6 locations within an hour’s drive or less! 

The treehouse can accommodate up to 4 guests and the great porch and big windows ensure that you always feel the fresh breeze. If you are an adventure lover, then you have found the perfect treehouse. 

Grandview Treehouse with Bluff Views!

Credit: Airbnb

Treehouse Getaway

Location: Westpoint, Tennessee

Price: $88+ per night

If you are looking for a perfect getaway to unwind and relax, then Treehouse Getaway is just the right cozy place to stay. Provided with good fishing opportunities surrounded by nature’s sounds and a peaceful atmosphere, you can spend days here without getting bored. You can enjoy a midday walk down to the creek when it is quiet. Furthermore, you can enjoy the soothing sounds of the creek as you sit on the porch. 

Everything about this treehouse boasts nature and lavish greenery. From the chirping of the birds, cool fresh air to the swooping of eagles, this treehouse is the epitome of nature’s getaway. The Treehouse Getaway comes with one bedroom and a bathroom, making it the perfect space for 4 guests. So, it perfectly fits a small family or a group of friends. 

Treehouse Getaway Tennessee Airbnb

Credit: Airbnb

Walland Forest Treehouse Suite

Location: Walland, Tennessee

Price: $150+ per night

Walland Treehouse is specially designed for couples. So, enjoy the lovely setting of this romantic spot in nature among lavish trees. The prime highlights of this romantic treehouse are the private hot tub, queen Murphy bed, internet, TV, Bluetooth sound, and a fully furnished kitchen. You can also enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner with your loved one on the porch amidst the beautiful setting of nature. 

Consider this treehouse a perfect little cozy space for couples or solo travelers with the all-in-one kitchenette along with other amazing facilities. Consider a private, romantic experience at the Walland Forest Treehouse because of the terrific outdoor propane grill and the fire pit area for a perfect getaway vibe. 

Walland Forests Treehouse Suite with Hot Tub

Credit: Airbnb

Woodberry’s Farm Treehouse

Location: Sweetwater, Tennessee

Price: $213+ per night

Tucked away in the trees on a ridge, Woodberry’s Farm Treehouse is your retreat to total seclusion and privacy at the far side of the 94-acre farm. The treehouse offers a relaxing wrap-around deck for you to soak in the distant mountain views. Furthermore, it is perfect for hammock enthusiasts. So, you can fire up the pit for s’mores and experience a breathtaking sight beside the campfire.

The treehouse itself offers you plenty of activities if you like to stay inside. You can lounge on the sofa in front of the gas fireplace, play some board games or watch a movie. Moreover, if you are looking for outdoor activities, you can hike to the on-site lake or bring your fishing gear along and have a fish fry. Also, the private four-acre lake gives you the perfect spot for an afternoon picnic and you can use the canoes and paddles for an adventurous time. This secluded treehouse location is perfect to relive a peaceful vibe. 

Woodberry's Farm Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

Upper Stone Mountain Treehouse

Location: Unicoi, Tennessee

Price: $182+ per night

Are you looking for a quiet atmosphere with privacy galore? Upper Stone Mountain Treehouse offers you stunning views, seclusion, peace, comfort, and romantic vibes. What makes this treehouse unique is the glorious waterfall where you can enjoy the picturesque beauty of nature. Some of the other highlights of the treehouse include the outside baths in the 2 claw-foot tubs for you to make forever memories.

You can also sit by the fire pit and relax in the serene atmosphere. Furthermore, the hiking trails plus indoor games for everyone are an extra nice touch. This secluded, one-bed, one-bath, treehouse for a weekend getaway or a romantic honeymoon is just the magical experience one needs!

Upper Stone Mountain Treehouse Tennessee Rental

Credit: Airbnb

Whimsical Treehouse

Whimsical Treehouse Airbnb Tennessee

Credit: Airbnb

Location: Sevierville, Tennessee

Price: $399+ per night

Luxury, comfort, and beauty; Whimsical Treehouse offers you the best of both worlds! This serene treehouse is secluded on 25 acres of beauty and peace overlooking the stunning Little Pigeon River. From the modern amenities to the classy architectural features, there is nothing that isn’t surprising. The soothing sound of the river and the breathtaking views are a sight to be seen! Moreover, the treehouse rental comes with a back deck, hot tub, and tree lights that set the most relaxing atmosphere, especially with the sound of the rushing water below.

The treehouse comes with 1 bedroom with two beds and a bathroom, making it comfortable for 4 guests. The cozy vibe and the interesting amenities will assure that you would definitely make a return trip in the future. 

Whimsical Treehouse Rental in Tennessee

Credit: Airbnb

Deer Camp Glamping Treehouse

Location: Dunlap, Tennessee

Price: $176+ per night

Deer Camp Glamping Treehouse will give you a glamping experience that you will talk about for a long while. The treehouse is located close to great hiking trails such as the Savage Gulf and Fall Creek Falls State Park secluded in the woods. Moreover, the entire camp is lit up with string lights to give you a fun-filled vibe. You can also sit around the fire pit and make s’mores or tell ghost stories. Or if you have the talent, you can bring your guitar and play a few songs and give yourself the complete glamping vibe. 

The treehouse itself radiates coziness through its queen bed and lounger along with throw pillows to snuggle up in. There is also a table for two, a gas log fireplace, board games and books, and a smart TV. So, if you feel like staying in, you can make the most out of it too. Furthermore, if you are looking for a nighttime hammock experience, then this treehouse is your dream come true. From hot beverages, hot towels to a fire pit and a warm bed, the treehouse is all-inclusive. So, Just bring your clothes and food and enjoy this unique experience. If you love glamping, you’ll love it at Deer Camp!

Treehouse Glamping at Deer Camp

Credit: Airbnb

The Owl’s Nest Treehouse

Location: Tracy City, Tennessee

Price: $165+ per night

This modern spacious treehouse is the perfect getaway surrounded by trees. While it may look like a tiny house in the woods, it is so thoughtfully constructed to make it feel so much more spacious with tall ceilings and designated spaces to cook a meal or lounge on the porch. For you to enjoy there is a hot tub, lake on the property, and fire pits among other great amenities offered at the Owl’s Nest! You can enjoy making smores by the fire pit or witness the amazing view from the balcony while on the grill. 

The most amazing facility is that there is so much to do in nearby towns. You will discover cute little restaurants and shops for a delightful evening spent outdoors. Moreover, if you are a hiking enthusiast, the Owl’s Nest is the perfect treehouse for you. With various hiking trails nearby, you can spend your mornings amidst the scenic beauty and enjoy blissful relaxation. 

The treehouse hosts up to 4 guests with its 2 bed and 1 bath accommodation. So, check in to this secluded treehouse in the small town of Tracy City for a calm and unwinding holiday. 

The Owl’s Nest Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

Greenbrier Luxury Treehouse

Greenbrier Luxury Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

Location: Greenbrier, Tennessee

Price: $280+ per night

This is your chance to escape city life! So, head to this luxury treehouse getaway just 30 minutes north of Music City and bring your perfect weekend getaway to life! Nestled on 11 private acres, this is a perfect family or couples getaway amidst gorgeous country settings and thoughtfully chosen details. Inside the treehouse, you can cozy up around the gas fireplace on cool evenings or roast marshmallows outside at the gas fire pit. Further, the deck’s gas grill is perfect for you to cook up your favorite feast. A special feature of the treehouse is the outdoor shower on the private pod rear deck. So, you can make memories all the while bathing in the luxury of the atmosphere. 

The treehouse can accommodate up to 6 guests with its 2 beds and 2 bath. So, this is your chance to make the most out of this relaxing and peaceful place with your loved ones. Best of all is the fresh eggs that are available for you to gather each day from the free-range hens! 

Luxury Treehouse - Nashville Area Getaway

Luxury tree house rentals in Tennessee | Credit: Airbnb

Treehouse La Paz

La Paz at Treehouse Mountain

La Paz at Treehouse Mountain | Credit: Airbnb

Location: Copperhill, Tennessee

Price: $232+ per night

This one-of-a-kind treehouse features the best getaway for you with your furry friends. An all-dog-friendly treehouse rental is a dream come true for many. Above all, Treehouse La Paz does not charge an extra fee to bring your pets. This colorful treehouse offers you and your pets a spacious porch along with the perfect view of the striking mountains in the distance. Furthermore, there is a private pond on the property along with a private fire pit, firewood, and firestarter for you to enjoy fully with your family. 

Moreover, if you love to hike, then don’t miss out on your passion at this treehouse. La Paz is located near premier hiking trails and waterfalls along with ziplining, rafting, tubing, horseback riding activities, and many more! 

If you’re a small family or an adventurous group of 4, then this treehouse is just the right one for you! Above all, your dogs will have a great time exploring the woods.

La Paz at Treehouse Mountain

Credit: Airbnb

Am I Missing Any Amazing Treehouse Rentals in Tennessee?

These Treehouse rentals in Tennessee are sure to give you a fresh start to life and a chance to revive your daily grind. Choose a treehouse that right fits your budget and expectations. And here’s to your perfect vacation without breaking your bank. 

Thanks so much for reading my guide on the coolest and best Treehouses in Tennessee!

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