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13 Unique & Amazing Treehouse Rentals in Wisconsin

Looking for the BEST Treehouse Rentals in Wisconsin? Well, look no further, as we’ve compiled this list of fun and unique vacation ideas!

Are you tired of the hustle and bustle life of the city and want to get out of the town? Living in a treehouse for a few days can be a great alternative for you. not because a treehouse is just so much dreamer than a normal house or hotel but it also takes you back to the basics and lets you relax and allows you to live in a peaceful atmosphere. Treehouse offers a new perspective of adventure travel and living in surrounding nature. 

Wisconsin is best known for its water parks, lakes, rivers, forests, glaciers, and the treehouses nestled among the branches located across the state. and thousands of travelers from around the world visit Wisconsin each year to enjoy a peaceful vacation. And there are many treehouses that make the state one of the most scenic and beautiful travel destinations in the USA. they range from luxurious to rustic, and perfect for a romantic holiday or a family vacation. And we have listed them here, check out the 11 most amazing treehouse rentals in Wisconsin.

1) Welcome to the Treehouse. Our home away from home and hopefully yours too!

Location: Lake Mills, Wisconsin

Price: $299+ per night

When it comes to the BEST of the best of treehouse rentals in Wisconsin, you simply can’t beat this unbelievably stunning 3-bedroom getaway perfectly located just off clear Rock Lake.

Backed with a perfect 5* Rating from 21 happy guests, these hosts go above and beyond to ensure your visit to their amazing vacation rental is everything you expect + so much more! It comes fully equipped for the treehouse holiday of your dreams with beautiful glass windows, wooden architecture, and stunning nature views.

Fair warning though, this rental gets booked up weeks/months in advance, so make sure you plan ahead and reserve your dates today!

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Wisconsin Tree House Rental

Credit: VRBO

2) A Beautiful Tree Cabin – Poynette  

Location: Poynette, Wisconsin

Price: $245+ per night

This Beautiful, spacious cabin / tree house is located on the scenic Wisconsin River and Lake Wisconsin. The entire cabin is surrounded by dense trees from each side except the front. You can enjoy boating on the River to lake Wisconsin, or to the Sandbar Islands with sandy beaches for all-day fun and relaxation. you can also visit beautiful waterfront locations or explore nearby local attractions. Inside this cabin, you will find a comfortable living and dining room. There are three bedrooms and a single kitchen inside the property.

The master bedroom has king-size (double-size) beds and bathroom access. The cabin is within walking distance from Hookers Restaurant & Bar where you can have some meals and coffee. It is located nearby Wisconsin Dells and it takes around 30 minutes to reach from the main area. Here at this location, You will enjoy nature with all of the conveniences of home.    

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A Beautiful Tree Cabin - Poynette  

Credit: VRBO

3) Spacious Tree House with River & Trail Access

Location: Gleason, Wisconsin

Price: $140+ per night

Looking for a cool treehouse rental in Wisconsin that won’t break the bank? This stunning and secluded and unique treehouse is nestled approximately 17′ up overlooking the river on a private 40 wooded acre parcel! Perfect for a family getaway, romantic weekend, or a friend’s trip – you’ll fall in love with all the activities with nearby lakes, hiking trails, and so much more!

This is also a pet-friendly treehouse rental, so bring along your furry friends and have an amazing trip

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Best Treehouse Rentals Wisconsin

Credit: VRBO

4) Boulder Ridge Treehouse – Bayfield    

Location: Belfield, Wisconsin 

Price: $249+ night

This shiny and well-designed treehouse is located at a distance of two miles from the Bayfield, a short distance from the Apostle Islands, and the shores of Lake Superior. You can drive a vehicle to the main area without having any problem. Hiking and mountain biking both are world-class things to do at this location, adventurers will love this place.

The treehouse is nestled in the heart of berry country, surrounded by pine trees. The handcrafted awesome interior design of the treehouse will definitely blow your mind. There are a number of windows to enjoy views sitting and walking inside the treehouse. It has a cool and large sitting area with a coffee table, a reading table, and two different sitting sofas. It has only one bedroom with one queen-size bed and two single beds. The treehouse doesn’t provide a kitchen but it has a bathroom for convenience. Foods and meals can be arranged too. The treehouse offers a luxury living experience. It is also considered an expensive treehouse Airbnb rental in Wisconsin.            

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Boulderridge Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

5) Spacious Treehouse  – Deerbrook

Location: Deerbrook, Wisconsin 

Price: $149+ night

This Unique and fully furnished treehouse is nestled in three-five living trees. The treehouse covers an area of 40+ acres of private property and it is hosted by Airbnb’s super host Kate. The river and nearby lakes are minutes away from the location, where you can enjoy boating, fishing, and swimming. There are a few restaurants that are also available to visit and enjoy some simple meals.

The treehouse has a large sitting area with an outstanding interior design which is also very comfortable to sit and chill with your family or friends. It has windows from two different sides for the best viewing experience. Four guests can visit the treehouse and for better safety! except these four guests, 5th member is not allowed to even get close to the treehouse. The house features a single room with two double size beds, a small kitchen, an indoor toilet, and a shower with sink. The outdoor shower is also available but it only opens between the months of May-October. 

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Spacious Tree House w/ River & Trail Access

Credit: Airbnb

6) Beautiful Wisconsin Gateway – Racine

Location: Racine, Wisconsin 

Price: $80+ night

Do you want to book a beautiful gateway for your college friends or just want to enjoy a vacation with your family? This is an ideal place to stay. This treehouse is nestled in trees from one side and it is also built into the woods. Being surrounded by trees this treehouse gives a true feeling of living in a treehouse. This location is considered one of the best and it has been featured in Timeout magazine too. Here you can enjoy birds watching, hiking, and a number of other things you never dreamed of.

You will find a river if you look down through the windows of this tree cabin. 5 guests can visit and it has one bedroom, one queen-size bed, and a sofa. It also features dining, living areas, and a kitchen to cook some meals. It also has a bathroom inside. And the internet is also available here. If you can’t stop watching Netflix, here you will also find a 55 inches FHD TV to stream your favorite shows, and this is what makes it perfect for group stays. 

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Beautiful Wisconsin Getaway!

Credit: Airbnb

7) Riverside Treehouse – Muscoda 

Location: Muscoda, Wisconsin 

Price: $150+ per night

This riverside treehouse hosted by Candi is ideal for those looking for an isolated gateway, especially friends traveling together. The treehouse hangs over the edge of the Wisconsin River, providing a breathtaking view of the river below through its windows. The property offers stunning views from every room in the house as well as easy access to the river for activities like fishing, and boating.

Bird watching is one of the best experiences at this beautiful location. This 1750 sq. ft house and the surrounding area offers endless possibilities for adventure and exploration. It has a master bedroom with a queen-size bed, a kitchen, and a single bathroom for the convenience of the guests. The treehouse also features a comfortable sitting area for relaxation. It also offers other facilities like the internet and outdoor sitting space. It is located at a distance of 3.5 miles away from Muscoda. 

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Riverside Chalet, LLC

Credit: Airbnb

8) Wandawega Lakeview Tree Cabin – Elkhorn

Location: Elkhorn, Wisconsin 

Price: $650+ per night

This luxurious tree cabin is one of the best vacation rentals properties in Wisconsin. and it is perfect for a group of friends or a mini self-guided family. It is nestled in a living tree from one side but the cabin is built using woods from inside and out. It is also one of the most expensive Airbnb treehouse rentals in Wisconsin and it easily accommodates a small group of up to 6 people.

This treehouse/cabin brings people back to nature with sweeping views of the lake and the surrounding location. And its stylish furniture, and outdoor sitting areas, living experience, make it a dream house for the guests. The tree cabin has 3 bedrooms, one large room, and two smaller ones. It offers 2 double size beds and 2 single beds for sleeping. It also has a kitchen and a single bathroom. If you want to enjoy outdoor camping you need to bring your camping accessories. It is about 7 miles outside Elkhorn.

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Camp Wandawega Lakeview 3 Bedroom Cabin

Credit: Airbnb

9) The Treehouse – Lake Mills   

Location: Lake Mills, Wisconsin 

Price: $285+ per night

This treehouse is one of the largest treehouses in Wisconsin providing the best group stays experience, it easily accommodates a large group of up to 9 people. The treehouse gateway itself provides places where guests can linger and relax inside the property. With eco-friendly construction and unique design elements, the treehouse has many sitting and gathering spaces, where you can also do some gaming stuff.

It offers amazing views of the Rock Lake, a 1360- acre clear spring-fed lake where you can also enjoy fishing and boating for hours. In winter, you can see the lake as well as the snowfall through the windows. There are three bedrooms with 4 queen size beds. It has three attached bathrooms for easy access. The Lake Mills town is just a couple of miles from the location. Lake Mills town is very famous for its restaurants and shopping malls, make sure you do some shopping there. 

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The Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb


10) Treehouse Village Resort – Eagle River 

Location: Eagle River, Wisconsin 

Price: Depends on booking duration  

Treehouse Village is just east of the northern eagle river. Treehouse Village is a family-friendly, naturally designed, and beautifully decorated collection of contemporary treehouse rental properties and private homes. There are a number of treehouses in this location and you can rent one of these houses for a couple of weeks or a month, and even for a complete year that your family can enjoy a lifetime of fun living in a treehouse. From golfing to fishing, and snowmobiling to cross country skiing & hiking,  you can do all these activities at Treehouse Village.

Each of these treehouses features a comfortable living and dining area, 2 bedrooms with queen-size beds, two bathrooms, one kitchen. Everything you need from a reading table to internet connectivity is available in these treehouses. The Winter season is considered the best time to visit the treehouse village resort and enjoy some magnificent views. 

11) Majestic Retreat Sandy Beach – Hayward

Location: Hayward, Wisconsin

Price: $250+ per night

This outdoor gateway is located at the edge of Lac Courte Oreilles lake. It is a large spring-fed lake covering an area of over 5,000 acres. It is known as the largest lake and known for its excellent fishing, sailing, exploring and water sports, swimming and boating. Majestic retreat gateway can be a true outdoor gateway of yours. This amazing and well-designed house in trees and nearby a lake offers the best feeling of an outdoor travel experience. It almost looks like a treehouse from the outside because it’s surrounding trees.

The views are amazing from the living room and bedrooms. It has two large sitting and dining areas. four clean and comfortable bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a dedicated chicken to cook meals, and it is an ideal cabin for even larger families, groups of up to 11 people. The rooms are located on 3 different levels allowing you and your guests to spread out and enjoy their vacation. Majestic Retreat is located approximately 9 miles south of the city of Hayward. 

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Majestic Retreat- Sandy Beach on 5,000 Acre Lake

Credit: Airbnb

12) Hillside Cabin – Viroqua

Location: Viroqua, Wisconsin

Price: $65+ per night

This solar-powered cabin is affordable to rent, easy to access but it is far from the city. It is located about two miles from Downtown, Viroqua. The cabin faces the scenic views of the valley and it offers a great hiking experience on the hiking trail that extends for 2 miles throughout the property. This cozy and tiny cabin surrounded by nature from each side makes it a perfect place for a relaxing, nature-filled stay, you’ll never forget. In the winter season, this tree cabin looks outstanding.

The cabin has a comfortable living space, with one queen size bed. The cabin includes all bedding, dishes, silverware, cups, towels, and a single butane burner for cooking. There is a propane heater and a fan. But unfortunately, there is no bathroom inside this property. Maple Dale Valley is just walking distance from the cabin, and there are nearby areas to enjoy activities like fishing and boating. If you are planning to visit you need to leave your vehicle in the city.

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Hillside Cabin at Earthology Retreat Center

Credit: Airbnb

13) Glacier Hills Rustic Cabin – Hubertus 

Location: Hubertus, Wisconsin 

Price: $65+ per night

This rustic lakefront cabin is considered cheaper in price, located a few miles from Holy Hill. This cabin is smartly designed to have everything you need for a relaxing vacation. With more than 40 five-star reviews this one is a perfect outdoor gateway for people looking for a peaceful and private location. With a modern design, this cabin features one single room with 3 queen size beds. It also has a large sitting area to relax and enjoy.

The location itself is a great location for outdoor activities like fishing and hiking and boating. Overall, The clean and comfortable cabin offers guests an authentic log cabin experience. This beautiful wooden home is surrounded by acres of wooded land. You will have a lot of cool things to do while staying in this cabin. But Bedding is not provided in this rustic cabin, it is recommended that you bring your own sleeping bag and pillow or your own sheets/pillow/blanket.

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Glacier Hills County Park Rustic Cabin #9

Credit: Airbnb

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