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TOP 15 Treehouse Rentals in South Africa for a Glamping Getaway

If you are a nature lover visiting South Africa, then you are in for a surprise at the magnificent treehouse rentals in South Africa. This country is home to some of the most diverse landscapes in the entire African continent. From forests, mountains, deserts, grasslands to savannahs, South Africa hosts nature to its finest. However, at the South Africa treehouse rentals, you can get to witness more than these fine landscapes.

There is an abundance of wildlife on top of the natural surroundings waiting for you to witness and experience a memorable time of your life. With amazing bird watching opportunities all year round and a diversity of wildlife species waiting for you, make your trip to South Africa an experience of a lifetime. 

Here we have picked the top 15 treehouse rentals in South Africa for you to witness the stunning beauty of nature and wildlife! So, keep on scrolling and pick your favorite treehouse and make incredible memories. 

Treehouse Rentals South Africa

Treehouse Port Elizabeth

Location: Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Price: $87+ per night

Treehouse Port Elizabeth is the perfect place to unwind, de-stress and enjoy nature if you want to get away from the hustle of daily life. Moreover, it is perfect for children as it is near a small farm with lots of open areas for them to play. The guests will get full access to the farm, including the main swimming pool which is brilliant for cooling off during those hot summer days. You can relax by the pool and take in the vast valley and sea views during your stay. 

The treehouse itself is beautifully crafted with wooden panels all around. It has two bedrooms and one bath which is comfortable for four guests. The bathtub overlooking the forest is a gorgeous experience. Furthermore, the windows inside will make you feel like you are in the woods. It is an amazing and relaxing spot for you to spend during your stay! 

Treehouse Port Elizabeth Airbnb South Africa

Credit: Airbnb

Little Mantis Treehouse

Location: Hibberdene, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Price: $157+ per night

The Little Mantis Treehouse is a stilted luxury treehouse that is an artistic masterpiece. If you are looking for a grand reunion or a family holiday getaway with your extended family and friends, then Little Mantis Treehouse is the perfect choice for you. This treehouse can host up to 12 guests comfortably. This spacious treehouse is an ideal escape from city life so you can enjoy a relaxing escape from the hustle of life. It is specially designed for groups of surfers, old-time friends, as well as families. All the rooms in the modern treehouse overlook the magnificent jungle. So, you can wake up to the sounds of animals wandering about and the chirping of the birds. Further, you can enjoy gorgeous sea views from the top story of the house as the treehouse is just within walking distance from the beach. 

The house also has a full bar, swimming pool and Jacuzzi along with other amenities. So, you can have a comfortable, luxurious stay at this treehouse. 

LITTLE MANTIS - Stilted Tree House Airbnb

Credit: Airbnb

The Meerkat Treehouse

Location: Thabazimbi, Limpopo, South Africa

Price: $100+ per night

The unique Meerkat Treehouse is situated near a tented camp facility from where you can secretly watch as games gather to drink at the nearby dam. On the other side of the treehouse, you can witness the glorious Kransberg Mountain Reserve and all the beauty of nature surrounding it. The treehouse itself sets upon a beautiful Tambotie tree near the forest. So, you can spend most of your day sightseeing into the lush greenery nearby and click amazing photos. Guests are also welcome to use the pool at the tent camp. So, you can enjoy a warm morning by taking a dip in the cool waters. 

Inside the treehouse, there is a bar fridge and barbeque for you to cook up a delicious meal as you lay down in the hammocks in the shade and witness the glorious beauty of nature. The double bed inside the bedroom allows you to watch the stars from inside the treehouse. Overall, this treehouse can give you a lovely and unique experience of nature. 

The Meerkat Treehouse South Africa Airbnb

Credit: Airbnb

The Loft Treehouse

Location: Marloth Park, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Price: $131+ per night

This extraordinary and peaceful treehouse is nestled among gorgeous nature amid  Marloth Park. It is specially designed for nature enthusiasts looking for a relaxing getaway amidst the lush greenery of nature. The treehouse offers spectacular views of the animals in the park. So, be sure to bring your binoculars along so you can witness the sightings. You can also relax on the deck and enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset during the evening. The outside shower is one of the most amazing features of the treehouse where you can take a shower amidst trees and nature. 

The treehouse itself hosts up to 2 guests with one bedroom and one bath. There is a fully equipped kitchen with all the amenities for you to cook up a delicious meal. Further, the bathroom features all the necessities along with hot water and a hairdryer. There is also air conditioning and portable fans in the treehouse during the summers.  The treehouse also has WiFi so you can stay connected with your loved ones during your stay!

Kruger River Villas - The Loft

Credit: Airbnb

The City Treehouse

Location: Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa

Price: $45+ per night

The City Treehouse is located in Bryanston. It is an escape from the city without leaving the city. The treehouse is situated in a comfortable spot near nature from where you can enjoy the rich birdlife. And if you are an early riser, you can witness the extraordinary sunrise. The treehouse is comfy with beautiful french doors allowing an abundance of light to flow in. There is also an open bedroom area with a kitchen and en suite bathroom with shower and toilet. 

Furthermore, if you are more of an indoor person, you can relax inside the beautiful treehouse and connect effortlessly with WiFi. Moreover, if you have brought along some work, you can get it done in a comfortable workspace. There is also the availability of a TV with Netflix. So, you don’t need to miss out on any of your favorite shows during your stay here. 

The City Treehouse Rental in South Africa

Credit: Airbnb

Driftwood Treehouse

Location: East London, South Africa

Price: $50+ per night

Driftwood Treehouse is specially built ad a paradise for artists, and surfers. It is located near the Kwelera Nature Reserve, overlooking its glorious beauty. Moreover, it is only a short walk away from the sea. It is the perfect place to be refreshed in nature after tough workdays. 

The treehouse itself is furnished with 2 beds. There is also a cast-iron bath tucked under the eaves of the bedroom. The kitchen is also fully equipped with an under-counter fridge, electric oven, and two-plate stove. There is also a sheltered barbecue area by the kitchen where you can prepare a delicious meal or cook under the stars. Note that there is no TV, so you can completely focus on the outdoor atmosphere. However, there is WiF, hot water, and electricity. 

Driftwood Treehouse in South Africa

Credit: Airbnb

Terebinte Treehouse

Location: Graskop, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Price: $10+ per night

Terebinte Treehouse is located on a small, rustic farm between plantations. This treehouse creates a homely and adventurous atmosphere with the homemade products made by the farm. These products are available for the guests, so you can enjoy a delicious breakfast during your stay here. Furthermore, the natural valley in which the farm is situated also produces avo’s, macadamia nuts, and blackberries. So, you can spend a day with your loved ones picking blackberries and spending an afternoon in the fields. 

The treehouse can comfortably host up to 6 guests with its 3 bedrooms and 1 bath. There is also a fire pit inside the treehouse, so you can spend a cozy evening snuggling inside as you make loving memories with your loved ones. You can also experience a cozy bonfire near the treehouse at night and enjoy the evening stars.

Terebinte Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

Peaceful Treehouse | Leave the City Life Behind

Location: Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape, South Africa

Price: $116+ per night

This Peaceful Treehouse is true to its words as it is tucked away from the noise of everyday life. Away from any hustle-bustle, the treehouse overlooks the beautiful Piesang Valley. Moreover, the beach is only 10 mins away. So, you can set off for a morning walk amidst the cool salty breeze. At the treehouse, you can experience the option of an outside shower. Further, you can lay on the deck and read your favorite book as you sip a glass of cocktail. This is the perfect chance to simply enjoy listening to the abundant birdlife whilst watching the incredible pink sunset behind the Valley. 

The treehouse can host up to 2 guests. So, it is ideal for couples wanting to spend a memorable holiday together. This tranquil treehouse is all you need for a peaceful stay in seclusion. 

Peaceful Treehouse in Western Cape Town, South Africa

Credit: Airbnb

Bahati Tree Lodge

Location: South Africa

Price: $93+ per night

Bahati Tree Lodge is situated in the spectacular Central Drakensberg mountains of Kwa-Zulu Natal. The treehouse is built in a truly unique wooden structure and bedrooms. There is also a walk-in shower with an exquisite view over the lake and the mountains behind. Further, there is an adjoining rock pool where you can relax and cool off during your stay. You can take beautiful walks outside during the evenings or go fishing on the dam with your loved ones. Adventure enthusiasts are especially going to experience a myriad of activities within a short drive. These activities include hiking, hot air ballooning and helicopter flights. 

The treehouse itself offers serenity, tranquility and privacy to its guests through the 2 bedrooms and 2 bath stay with breathtaking scenery views from right within the treehouse. The magical views are bound to be a memory of a lifetime. 

Bahati Tree Lodge South Africa

Credit: Airbnb

Enduduzweni Tree House

Location: Saint Lucia, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Price: $52+ per night

Enduduzweni Tree House is specially designed for nature enthusiasts and those who are looking to reconnect with nature during their stay in South Africa. The treehouse is complete with a jungly landscape of trees, lianas, and flowers all around. During your stay, you may even witness monkeys playing and chasing each other around the treehouse. There is also an outdoor pool for you to cool off during the summer afternoons. Further, there is also an open-topped bamboo-sided bathroom ten feet above the ground where you can take a shower amidst nature. 

This tropical paradise is just a short walk away from the town. So, you can spend your day sightseeing or dining at one of the finest restaurants. Further, there are also bicycles that the guests can borrow. The treehouse itself is warm and welcoming with its one bedroom and one bath. It can comfortably host up to two guests. I assure you, you will not want to leave this restful, calm, and inviting space.

Enduduzweni Tree House Rental in South Africa

Credit: Airbnb

Off-The-Grid Eco Treehouse

Location: Swellendam, Western Cape, South Africa

Price: $107+ per night

Nestled in the lush green Hermitage Valley, the EcoTreehouse is a luxury self-catering treehouse for your retreat in nature. Here you can witness beautiful nature, birds, wildlife, and peace perched among large pine trees. This living paradise has a sauna for you to relax and enjoy the blissfulness of the atmosphere. Further, there is also a wood-fired hot tub for you to enjoy with your loved ones. 

The treehouse sleeps 2 guests in a beautiful bedroom with a comfortable queen-size bed where you can wake up to the magnificent views of the sunrise. There is also an open-plan kitchen with all the amenities for a comfortable stay. Further, the sunny lounge and outside deck will give you breath-taking views of the land, mountains, and sunsets during your stay. 

Eco Treehouse Rental

Credit: Airbnb

Off The Hoek Treehouse

Location: Hoekwil, Western Cape, South Africa

Price: $32+ per night

Off The Hoek Treehouse is set in the heart of Hoekwil. It is specially designed for couples looking for a romantic holiday getaway amongst nature. It is suited for nature-loving minimalists. The cozy treehouse overlooks magnificent views of the sunrise and sunset from the deck along with a view of an enclosed grassy yard. The deck has a dining table along with plenty of space to relax and witness the scenic beauty of nature. You can bring your binoculars along if you want to spend your day birdwatching as you sit back and relax on the spacious deck. Further, there are plenty of hiking trails nearby for you to spend your days. 

The treehouse sleeps up to two guests in a queen-size bed with gorgeous views. Further, there is also The Hoekwil Café at just a 2 min walk away and has WiFi along with great food, cake & coffee for you to enjoy. 

Off The Hoek Treehouse Airbnb

Credit: Airbnb

The Fig Treehouse

Location: Kaapmuiden, South Africa

Price: $90+ per night

The Fig Treehouse is specially designed for a large family. So, if you are looking to spend a holiday getaway where you can reconnect with your children and escape technology, then come and stay in the branches of a wild fig tree. At this treehouse, you will find plenty of activities to do with your kids. You can rise early and go for a nice hike up the mountain or go for a horse ride on one of the neighboring farms. Further, you can bring a bicycle or fishing tackle along and go bike riding or fishing during the afternoon and make loving memories. During the evening, you can sit and listen as darkness falls over the sky and the stars shine bright above and enjoy nature as you watch the amazing sunrise. 

The treehouse itself sleeps up to 6 guests with its 4 beds and 1 bath. So, bring along your family and experience an adventure away from home at The Fig Treehouse.

The Fig Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

Two Trees Treehouse

Location: Cullinan, Gauteng, South Africa

Price: $72+ per night

Two Trees Treehouse is an elevated wooden house nestled between the trees with a spectacular view from high above. You can enjoy the cozy atmosphere and relax on the deck as you take in the beautiful views of nature surrounding the treehouse. As you sit quietly on the deck, you can get to witness wildlife at its finest. There is an abundance of birdlife, with the call of the Fish Eagle in the distance which will make you feel like you are in the middle of Africa. At the nearby farm, you will get to see warthog, jackal, small antelope and baboons moving through the bushes. So, be sure to bring your binoculars along. Further, if you enjoy reading, walking and photography, then this is the place for you!

Inside the treehouse, you will find a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom with all the amenities, and a portable air conditioner supplied for your convenience. Note that there is no TV or Wifi available at the treehouse, so you can get a greater chance to reconnect with your roots here.

Two Trees on Piece of Africa Airbnb

Credit: Airbnb

Comfy Treehouse

Location: North Uthungulu, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Price: $33+ per night

Comfy Treehouse is a modern double-story treehouse that brings nature indoors and offers stunning views over a canopy of trees. The treehouse features a well-established garden with a splash pool and private barbeque/braai area where you can relax and enjoy a delicious meal with your loved ones. Moreover, the treehouse has some indoor facilities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. If you are a sports lover then you can play sport video games on the big screen TV indoors. The treehouse is also located within a short drive from the beach. So, early risers can witness the magnificent sunrise directly from the beach in the cool salty breeze. There are also shops and restaurants located within safe walking distance. So, you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest!

The treehouse can host up to 2 guests comfortably which is ideal for couples. So, book this treehouse with your loved one and create loving memories during your stay here. 

Comfy Treehouse Airbnb Rental SOuth Africa

Credit: Airbnb