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15 Best Treehouse Rentals in Puerto Rico For Your Bucket List

Are you looking for a tropical rainforest getaway, a city hideaway, or an unforgettable mountain glamping adventure for your upcoming vacation? If so, Puerto Rico might be the perfect place for you. It has the most diverse landscapes in the entire North American continent. Along with the beauty, there are magnificent treehouse rentals in Puerto Rico. There are a lot of treehouses for rent in Puerto Rico, and each of them is surrounded by lush green forests clouding the hills, serene skies, and forest landscapes which represent a magical world scenario. With emerald-blue waters, crystal clear waterfalls, and misty mountains, these treehouse rentals in Puerto Rico have it all.

By renting a treehouse in Puerto Rico, you can truly experience nature at its finest, in a blissful atmosphere that brings out the true splendor of Puerto Rico. For a spectacular view of Mother Nature on your trip to Puerto Rico, reserve a treehouse rental to truly experience the beauty of this island. Here are some of the very best Puerto Rico treehouse rentals we have selected for you to enjoy during your holidays.

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Puerto Rico Treehouse Rentals

Treehouse of Royal Palm

Location: San Germán, Puerto Rico

Price: $144+ Per night 

Come explore the Treehouse of the Royal Palm at the ARK and experience the magic of tropical vegetation, fauna, and swirling rain on a metal shelter in the heart of rustic Puerto Rico. It is not uncommon to discover jungle critters, bats, birds, geckos, and coquis when enjoying this outdoor adventure.

Located on top of a palm tree, this treehouse is open to wildlife and 20′ high, offering views of the forest. The master bedroom is big and open. The second bedroom is a small attic above the kitchen with a queen bed up top. The bathroom offers a composite toilet and a warm shower. The kitchen has many electrical appliances.

Treehouse of Royal Palm Airbnb Puerto Rico

Credit: Airbnb

Treehouse at La Botanica

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Price: $148+ Per night

This beautiful treehouse is located right on the beach. Featuring a Puerto Rican country-style and a modern twist, the treehouse offers a taste of the islands. The bedroom also includes a large counter and a closet.

There is a toilet within the same room, which is made of small wood and cement. In addition to a hammock, the deck contains outdoor seating areas. A communal garden provides access to the treehouse. Moreover, a communal garden and living room area will be available to guests staying in the treehouse.

La Botanica Treehouse Rental in Puerto Rico

Credit: Airbnb

El Yunque View Treehouse

Location: Río Grande, Puerto Rico

Price: $167+ Per night

There are two dozen acres of El Yunque Rainforest land on which the two-story El Yunque View Treehouse is situated. Guests are welcome to explore this area as they please. With the comforts like home, this treehouse provides you with endless enchanting views of nature.

Yunque Treehouse is a two-story treehouse that will provide you with a memorable experience. The ground floor of the house features a full kitchen, living room, and dining room with a fantastic view of Puerto Rico’s national Rainforest. The top floor features a spacious bedroom with a full bathroom and a workspace with a desk and TV. This treehouse has branches and leaves on its both floors.

El Yunque View Treehouse Airbnb Puerto Rico

Credit: Airbnb

Treehouse of Life Near Rosario

Location: Puerto Rico

Price: $124+ Per night

The open-air treehouse is located 20 feet above the ground in rural Puerto Rico, giving you the best view of the jungle. The wildlife you may see during your stay includes birds, bats, geckos, and frogs. When you enter, you immediately sense a jungle vibe. The rooster’s songs will wake you up and the frog’s symphony will calm you down.

This treehouse has one bedroom, one bathroom, and one mini-kitchen. With a kitchen, microwave, and refrigerator, you can store up supplies and enjoy an off-grid respite for a few days. In addition to a composting toilet, the bathroom has hot, running water. The magical flora and fauna, rain over the metal roof of the house will increase your love for nature. There are 12 stairs to the lower platform and 12 stairs to the upper deck that lead to the living space 20′ above ground.

Treehouse of Life in Puerto Rico

Credit: Airbnb

Lake Carite Treehouse

Location: Cayey, Puerto Rico

Price: $100+ Per night

A three-story treehouse in Cayey boasts Lake Carite views, kayaks you can use to get out on the water, hammocks, and balconies for stargazing, and a BBQ area and fire pit for cooking delicious food after taking part in a day of adventure.

The woody cabin has three floors and a balcony. This treehouse is lightened by renewable energy. The outdoor shower facility is also available for guests. This “hidden paradise” is all in one package.

A restaurant named El Churrasco Loko is located near this treehouse. A local convenience store called “Colmado Camacho” offers some groceries, ice, snacks, ham, cheese, bread, etc, is on the way to the treehouse. 

Lake Carite Puerto Rico Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

Bamboo Treehouse Island Hideaway

Location: Rincon, Puerto Rico

Price: $175+ Per night

An excellent opportunity to experience tropical island life awaits you at Tropical Treehouse, which is hidden amid lush gardens and giant bamboo. The Caribbean-style open-air home is constructed of bamboo crafts and has extensive balconies that offer expansive views of the ocean.

This house has two bedrooms, two baths, and one kitchen. Additionally, guests can enjoy the outdoor garden shower. This treehouse is a unique gateway that offers you a wide ocean view and makes you fall in love with nature. This treehouse also provides a facility for the library and gaming.

Tropical Treehouse Island Hideaway

Credit: Airbnb

Rancho La Terapia 

Location: Villalba, Puerto Rico

Price: $250+ Per night

You’ll have the chance to shut off from daily life when you check into Rancho La Terapia, which features glamping tents. Whether you’re relaxing in the hammock, laying on the nets draping over the forest, or lounging in the infinity pool, you will be treated to breathtaking views of the rainforest.

You can enjoy an infinity pool, where you can cherish the central mountain range and lakes of Puerto Rico. Similarly, you can have an excess to the outdoor kitchen and a bathroom where its natural windows will allow you to take a relaxed and pleasant bath. There is also a modern jacuzzi where you can relax in comfort as a couple at this campsite. You have free excess to the entire area and bring whatever you want to eat.

La Terapia Ranch Tiny Tree House Puerto Rico

Credit: Airbnb

Hacienda Horizonte Nature Lodge in Utuado

Location: Utuado, Puerto Rico

Price: $340+ per night

There’s no better way to experience the beauty of the mountains of Utuado than staying at Hacienda Horizonte, a 100-acre coffee plantation. This treehouse offers hiking, swimming, and horseback riding, and you can also order meals every day.

At Monte Sagrado Reserve, guests have access to beautiful views, outdoor activities, and dining options. A large bathroom offers mountain views, both queen beds are in the main bunk bed area of the rainforest loft, and a twin bed is near the TV area. Additionally, a small fridge is also present for your ease. Tourists have access to the grounds of Monte Sagrado Reserve.

Hacienda Horizonte Nature Lodge in Utuado Puerto Rico

Credit: Airbnb

Studio Guest House at Mango Cabana Exotic Flower Farm in Rincon

Location: Rincón, Puerto Rico

Price: $46+ Per night

Located in Rincon with beautiful views of the ocean, this tropical fruit and flower farm offers guests a tranquil vacation close enough to yet far enough from the hectic party scene at Puntas.

This Cabana is a separate studio guesthouse. It is about 300 square feet in size, with screened windows and doors, a small bathroom, a kitchenette, and a small side deck. In addition, it provides a rooftop for dining and relaxing. Aside from access to all the cabana and rooftop areas, guests can pick their fruit in the meadow area where they can enjoy the serenity.

Studio Guest House at Mango Cabana Exotic Flower Farm in Rincon

Credit: Airbnb

Rancho Esto Es Vidana estadía de película!

Location: Villalba, Puerto Rico

Price: $252+ per night

You can watch the sunrise from the comfort of your bed in this unique treehouse. On the terrace or in a hanging hammock, you can spend hours admiring the view.In its heated Jacuzzi Spa, guests can relax in luxury open-air tubs with a scenic view.

 Puerto Rico’s natural beauty and charms make it the ideal destination for a romantic getaway with your loved one. Here, you are provided with one bedroom and two bathrooms. The kitchen is full of many appliances. Guests can also enjoy outdoor cooking.

Best Luxury Treeehouse in Puerto Rico

Credit: Airbnb

BaezHaus Treehouse 

Location: Vieques, Puerto Rico

Price: $182 Per night

Finca Victoria is located in the hills of Vieques (Spanish Virgin Island) and nestled in lush vegetation with views of the Caribbean Sea. It is available for rent as a farm/guesthouse with a communal pool and pavilion surrounded by cottages and a small guesthouse.

The Baez Haus is a small, 2 floored house. Rooms feature en suite bathrooms with outdoor showers, private terraces, kitchenettes, closets, and extremely comfortable beds with cotton sheets. This treehouse offers different sites to guests. 

Baez Haus Treehouse Airbnb Puerto Rico

Credit: Airbnb

Casa Antigua Treehouse —  Finca Figueroa

Location: Añasco, Puerto Rico

Price: $156+ Per night

Enjoy the sound of the birds and animals in the mountains. This estate is surrounded by tropical trees that grow local and exotic fruit. Forget about technology and luxury, and embrace the peace and tranquillity offered by this estate. 

This house is decorated with antique furniture. A maximum of six guests can stay here. It has two bedrooms with six beds. Bath, kitchen, and a private pool add more to the beauty of this house. There’s nothing quite like this romantic getaway in Puerto Rico, nestled in a lush forest filled with different trees and wildlife.

Casa Antigua, Finca Figueroa Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

El Pretexto: culinary farm lodge

Location: Cayey, Puerto Rico

Price: $167+ per night

This place has wooden villas, an agroecology farm, an orchard, a forest, a large wooden deck, and an orchard. It is located on a very peaceful mountainside in the Cayey mountains with amazing views that extend down to the South Coast of Puerto Rico, and it is only an hour away from San Juan. 

It has two stories, Villa Serran*a is on the ground floor. The villa has a small bathroom and a kitchenette. Guests can enjoy a walk in the farm and gardens.

El Pretexto - Culinary Farm Lodge

Credit: Airbnb

Private Pool Tiny House in Rincon

Location: Rincón Puerto Rico

Price: $353+ per night

 In the hills near the heart of Rincon’s downtown, you will find this gorgeous studio-style suite with a private pool. There is a private heater pool as well as central air conditioning with integrated ultraviolet lights at this beautiful getaway. The living area has one queen bed and one sofa bed for sleeping. Similarly, the kitchen is full of many appliances

This studio is located in the mountains where the Caribbean sea meets the Atlantic sea and is a piece of heaven. A host welcomes you to the tiny house with wine, and it has a protected gated entrance, Netflix and Hulu on the TV.

Tree of Life Treehouse Airbnb with Pool in Puerto Rico

Credit: Airbnb

Glamping Tent in Utuado

Location: Utuado, Puerto Rico

Price: $75+ Per night

Despite only being 15 minutes away from restaurants and nightlife, Utuado is glamping heaven that will make you think you’re hours away from the city. If you are an adventurous person, then camping here is worth paying. You can enjoy the night skies, the streams, and waterfalls, as well as hiking and mountain views. You’ll quickly establish a sense of home if you stay here. If you prefer a taste of authentic local cuisine, the hosts can get nearby families to cook for you.

This place is 30 minutes away from historic sites, coffee plantations, and caves. The view in all directions is unique and perfect. For instance, in the backyard, there is a huge valley full of either mountain tops, a beautiful lake, hills, lush green forest, or pastures. There is still nothing better than breathing in the fresh air during the day, watching the starry sky at night and watching the mist grow from the valley throughout the night, then slowly disappearing beneath the lake and between the mountains in the morning.

 Here, you can enjoy a stream with a few kiddie pools, two small waterfalls, and a big pool. Each tent is for four guests.

GLamping Tent in Puerto rico

Credit: Airbnb

Puerto Rico is home to infinite mountains, bays, and forests. There is so much to discover and seek in Puerto Rico. You can take advantage of the breathtaking landscapes by staying in a wonderful rental treehouse.

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