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15 Incredible Treehouse Rentals in Germany

Treehouses are surely a means to reconnect with your roots and bring the freshness of Mother Nature into life. When visiting Germany, especially brimming with the essence of incredible nature, what better way to witness the blissfulness of Mother Nature than through treehouse rentals in Germany!

Treehouses in Germany will not only bring an abundance of memorable experiences for adventure lovers but also nature enthusiasts will find a world of possibilities in Germany’s great outdoors. So what are you waiting for? Keep on navigating and skim through our top-most exciting treehouses in Germany for a glimpse into the magic of stunning landscapes. 

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Treehouse Rentals in Germany

Cuckoo’s Nest Treehouse

Location: Emskirchen, Bayern, Germany

Price: $151+ per night

This stunning treehouse stands on the edge of an oak forest hidden amidst the small village of Bottenbach. It is a family-friendly treehouse with plenty of fun activities. The spacious terrace offers shelter from excessive heat from the canopy during the summers. So, you can sit outside in the evening and enjoy the views as much as your heart desires. Furthermore, during winter, the marble slab heater creates a cozy atmosphere. So, you can enjoy a fun time indoors and feel the winter sun-seeking through the bare branches inside. 

Best of all, the guests have complete access to the farm. So, you are welcome to come to the farm and watch the daily work, pet the animals, and also stoke and grill a campfire at night. Keep in mind that there is no lighting in the village between approx. 24:00 and 4:00, so it is the perfect time for you to stargaze and enjoy the sight of the clear starry sky.

The 2-bedroom treehouse hosts 4 guests. So, you can experience clean, quaint, tranquil, and cozy accommodation with your family. 

Cuckoo's Nest Treehouse Germany Airbnb

Credit: Airbnb

Baumhaushotel Treehouse

Location: Drochtersen, Niedersachsen, Germany

Price: $180+ per night

Baumhaushotel Treehouse is set on the Elbe Island of Krautsand right in the middle of horse pastures. It stands in the immediate vicinity of the Elbe dike where you will find peace from everyday life and a chance to unwind. The beautiful views, relaxed atmosphere, and quiet rural area will make you want to cherish every moment of bliss. 

The treehouse is well equipped with a great mini kitchen and outdoor Lotus grill that you can use for your meals. Moreover, there is a high-speed internet connection so you can stay in touch with friends and family during your stay. The treehouse can accommodate 2 guests with its fully equipped bed, bath and kitchen. So, if you want to treat yourself to a break in everyday life, you will find peace here.

Baumhaushotel Treehouse Rental Germany

Credit: Airbnb

Siegtal Treehouse

Location: Windeck, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Price: $148+ per night

Siegtal Treehouse is set in a quiet secluded location that will offer you a nature-oriented wellness experience amidst incredible nature. The treehouse offers real privacy through the self-contained residential unit. The exterior of the treehouse features a covered balcony and sitting area along with a hammock where you can sit and recollect your thoughts amidst the fresh air. Furthermore, there is also a fireplace with stone benches and gas grill for a quiet night experience.

Within the treehouse, you will find everything from bed linen, towels, and bath towels to blender, toaster, kettle, spices, and staple foods. So, be sure to book this treehouse for a totally cozy and natural stay, but at the same time with every necessary comfort. 

Siegtal - Baumhaus Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

Treehouse Hof Grove-Dittmer

Location: Engelschoff, Niedersachsen, Germany

Price: $98+ per night

Treehouse Hof Grove is everything a typical treehouse offers. So, you have the chance to experience this adventure and fulfill your childhood dream. It is set at a location that gives a beautiful view over the pasture where ponies and horses graze. Thus, giving you a spectacular sight at any time of the day. Furthermore, the treehouse offers plenty of activities, especially for kids. There is a small garden with a swing, slide, trampoline, and sandbox right beside the treehouse. So, kids are going to have the time of their life here. 

Adults will be able to enjoy the infrared sauna. The house can host a maximum of 5 guests with its comfy beds. Do be sure to order breakfast in the morning – you will surely find it sumptuous and delicious with homemade muesli, preserves, fresh-baked rolls, and much more! The novelty of the place is surely going to be an exciting and different experience! 

Baumhaus Hof Grove-Dittmer

Credit: Airbnb

LEGO BOX Treehouse 

Location: Ippesheim, Bayern, Germany

Price: $109+ per night

Relax and unwind at this unique 15 sqm LEGO-BOX, giving a panoramic view over Ippesheim. The box-style is built sustainably and ecologically giving you a pleasant indoor climate. Moreover, the balcony gives a magnificent view of the sunset and sunrise.

With one bedroom and one bathroom, it can accommodate up to 2 guests. So, spend some time with your better half in style where you can experience nature from a spot closest to it. There is also a mini kitchen with all the essentials.

So, if you’re looking for a tiny treehouse, set in a secluded countryside spot with peaceful vibes, the Lego Box is the ideal choice for you!

LEGO- BOX - Unique Tree House Airbnb in Germany

Credit: Airbnb

Witch Treehouse

Location: Annweiler am Trifels, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Price: $126+ per night

Are you looking for something just out of a fairytale? Witch Treehouse, with its crooked roof and funny windows, gives just that vibe. The completely natural wood-made treehouse is lovingly furnished for three guests.

The house hosts two armchairs, a sofa, and a sleeping alcove under the roof, making the guest’s stay feel as comfortable as possible. Furthermore, the kitchen is all inclusive with all the essentials available. You can also have a magnificent view of Villa Waldfrieden from the veranda as you enjoy a steaming mug of coffee. Talking about a fairytale experience, the treehouse has no WiFi available and thus, gives you the opportunity to connect with nature. 

Hexenhäuschen am Waldrand

Credit: Airbnb

Nest in the Stelzenhütte 

Location: Donauwörth, Bayern, Germany

Price: $128+ per night

Make your nature enthusiast’s dream come true at this eco-friendly treehouse. Here you can experience the breathtaking aspects of nature, river, and harbor right from your bed. You can witness the sunrise as you hold a cup of coffee made straight from the unique and modern kitchen of the treehouse. 

Furthermore, you can enjoy your cold evenings under the treehouse which is heated with a wood-burning oven to provide you with warmth and comfort. In the interior of the treehouse, you can cuddle into your cozy 1.1m by 2m bed. Moreover, you can make your evenings delightful with the technical dim light facilities, color-led lighting, and music system which truly is an incredible addition to the experience. 

Nest in the Stelzenhütte 

Credit: Airbnb

Weserbergland Treehouse

Location: Rinteln, Niedersachsen, Germany

Price: $203+ per night

Weserbergland Treehouse is a holiday home beautifully built at an airy height and encircles in and around an old cherry tree. The large terrace offers you a panoramic view of the Wesertal and the meadow landscape of Hohenrode. Furthermore, the view of the ripe cherries on the cherry tree outside the house gives a nice ambiance to your stay. 

The treehouse itself is very romantic, cozy, and modernly equipped with all the necessities for a comfy stay. Moreover, the treehouse is surrounded by hiking trails where you can spend your early morning hiking. There is also a cycling pathway for you to bike ride during the evenings amidst the cool breeze. The treehouse can host about 4 guests with its 2 beds and 1 bath. So, it is suitable for a small family. Lots of memories and enjoyment await you at this treehouse. 

Weserbergland Treehouse RentalWeserbergland Treehouse Rental

Credit: Airbnb

Lazy Lodge Treehouse 

Location: Boxberg, Germany

Price: $109+ per night

The Lazy Lodge Treehouse is nestled in the forest rope garden of Boxberg with an unforgettable experience along with a fantastic view of the Umpfertal. The treehouse features a barbeque where you can grill your favorite meal and then sit by the fireplace for a heartfelt conversation with your family and friends. There is also a large outdoor swimming pool for you to relax and make memories with your loved ones. 

Within the treehouse itself, everything for your needs is available along with a full fridge and all the amenities. The treehouse can host up to 10 guests comfortably. So, be it a large group of friends or an extended family reunion, this treehouse is ready to serve you and your guests completely.

Lazy Lodge Treehouse in Germany

Credit: Airbnb

Rural Dreamlike Treehouse

Location: Straelen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Price: $115+ per night

The Rural Dreamlike Treehouse is set on the Dutch border and is located on the grounds of a farm that offers an incredible view of majestic forests and meadows. Staying in this treehouse is like camping amongst the trees with electricity and running water. The surrounding agricultural landscape makes it the perfect place to relax, away from crowded cities. The guests can enjoy a cool evening beside the fireplace or put together a delicious meal at the outdoor grill. 

Furthermore, you can enjoy your breakfast on the balcony as you feel the cool morning breeze caress your face. Also, the treehouse can host up to 3 guests with one bed and one bath. 

Rural Dreamlike Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

Small cozy treehouse

Location: Iserlohn, NRW, Germany

Price: $25+ per night

This cozy little treehouse is located between two cherry trees in the orchard. In the summer months, you are surrounded by green leaves. At harvest time, the delicious red cherries offer a scenic view. This treehouse is especially suitable for those who want to experience a small adventure holiday in nature. The children will especially love the treehouse as a second home because of the large farm and cozy environment.

The treehouse can host up to 2 guests comfortably with its 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. Moreover, the treehouse is pet-friendly. So, this is the chance to enjoy the rustic and charming beauty with your furry friends and make memories of a lifetime.

Small cozy treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

Glamping retreat- Treehouse

Location: Breitenworbis OT Bernterode Schacht, TH, Germany

Price: $88+ per night

If you are looking for a stay out of the ordinary then Glamping Retreat Treehouse is an option worth selecting. This treehouse serves as a spectacular place to experience the best campfire and camping vibe with your friends and loved ones. The breathing view around the camp and the tent brings all the luxuries to you in one place. 

The treehouse offers a semi-facilitated tent with an all in all great living area for you to relax along with a stove and a luxurious bed with WiFi 24/7.  

The nature surrounding this area is immaculate. Without a doubt, this place makes for a true glamping revival for those in need of one. Above all, you will experience a disturbance-free stay from city life, noise, and pollution amidst Mother Nature.

Germany Glamping Retreat

Credit: Airbnb

Treehouse Garden Hut

Location: Coburg, Bavaria, Germany

Price: $16+ per night

This unique and rustic-style treehouse is specially designed keeping back-packers and individualists in mind. This lovely treehouse, surrounded by a large garden with old trees, is just 7 minutes away from the city. The location is perfect on the edge of the park between Veste Coburg and Schloss Ehrenburg. 

You can wake up in the morning, have a seat on the porch and enjoy the songbirds as you sip your morning tea with your partner. The treehouse can host up to 2 guests comfortably with its One bedroom and one bathroom. So, be sure to book this treehouse for a romantic getaway with your loved one.

2 pillows in a tree garden hut airbnb

Credit: Airbnb

Treehouse: nature & city

Location: Berlin, Germany

Price: $38+ per night

This spectacular treehouse is located in a green garden with a play area and parking lot.m with plenty of space to enjoy the blissfulness of nature. The treehouse features a huge terrace from where you can experience a great view of the surrounding greenery.

It is ideal to visit this treehouse during warmer months but you can also visit during autumn as there is a small heater unit available so you don’t need to worry about being cold.

If you are seeking a quiet and convenient place to stay, then this is the right place for you. Moreover, it is close to the bus stop as well as there are supermarkets nearby.

Berlin Treehouse Baumhaus

Credit: Airbnb

Stork’s Nest Treehouse

Location: Kloster Wulfshagen , Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Price: $30+ per night

Stork’s Nest Treehouse is set at just 20 minutes from Dierhagen beach and within easy reach of Strawberry farm and Marlow Bird Park. It is set in a quiet and isolated location, thus, making it suitable for those who are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The treehouse is simply equipped with two comfortable single beds and seating for two people. However, there is no kitchen in the treehouse, but you can grill on the property and cook up your fav meal. The guests of the treehouse are permitted to use all the amenities of the adjacent holiday home. So, you can take advantage of the trampoline, cozy seating area, library, and table football during your stay. 

Charmantes Baumhaus am Storchennest