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About Me

Hi there! Welcome to Treehouse Trippers! 

I’m Dave Anderson, but you may know me as Jones, from my main travel blog Jones Around The World, which focuses a ton on epic music festivals, adventure travel, and unique glamping stays.

Travel is my life, and has been for a long time. As a result, I’ve built up considerable experience in all aspects of travel – and a ton of amazing blogs too! But, there’s just something about treehouses and glamping in nature that has always called to me, and I’m always down to get away from it all and call a treehouse, cabin or other rustic lodging home for a while! 

Treehouse Trippers is my niche website that I started in 2020 as a lockdown project, and the goal of this site is to make finding, booking and enjoying the absolute best treehouse rentals a complete breeze!

This way, you too, can experience the joy of unplugging, climbing up into the trees and sleeping amongst the stars. 

This website is also a team-effort as I’ve employed some amazing travel and treehouse-addicted folk to help build this catalog of amazing places to stay!

Treehouse Trippers - About Me Page

Treehouse Trippers - Treehouses for Rent

Why Stay In Treehouses? 

There’s just something about the allure of treehouses that calls to me. Sleeping in the trees in the endless wild landscapes that our beautiful world has to offer is something that should be high up on your travel bucket list. 

Part of the thrill of discovering, staying at, and writing about treehouse rentals is that the experience is intoxicating. Glamping – that is, camping in comfort – has never been bigger. 

People have a desire, in our busy world, to disconnect from “it all”, and to escape the noise and hustle of the daily grind – even for a little while. But, many still want the comforts of home. 

As a result, treehouse stays are exploding in popularity – and I’m down for it! 

Treehouse Trippers - Best Treehouse Hotels To Rent

Where can I glamp or rent a treehouse? 

The exciting thing about this ever-growing sector of the tourism industry is that every day, there are new, unique and alluring treehouse rentals, cabins, glamping tents and more unique accommodations popping up across the globe. 

The United States has a booming treehouse rental industry, and travellers have no shortage of amazing offerings to choose from. You can stay in the trees in beautiful Vermont, enjoy urban getaways across California, sit by a campfire in Tennessee with a majestic mountain backdrop, take in the great expanses of Texas from your birdseye position, or snuggle up in a snow-capped, cozy retreat in Colorado – plus much more! 

Treehouses aren’t just for us in the USA to enjoy, however! A huge range of other countries are now jumping on the treehouse train, and you can rent treehouses by the sea in Mexico, in the jungles of Puerto Rico, the rice paddies of Bali, the English countryside, the Canadian Rockies… the opportunities to sleep high up in the trees are never ending! And I’m bringing them to you. 

Treehouse Trippers - Unique Treehouse Hotels

What’s your vision for Treehouse Trippers?

I am excited to provide the internet’s go-to source for the best glamping and treehouse rentals across the world. Not only that, but the most unique, off-the-beaten-track, life-changing lodgings, that will see you reconnect with nature in the most comfortable and relaxing way possible.

So go read through and some articles and let me know what you think! 

Happy treehouse tripping! May your sleep amongst the trees fulfill your childhood dreams!