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Top 12 Treehouse Rentals in France For Your Bucket List

Vibrant cities, panoramic landscapes, divining heritage cathedrals and the wealth of nature with France’s treehouse rentals! 

France, being the dream destination spot for many, never fails to impress the world with its uncountable remarkable wonders. Keep your imagination wide beyond the city of love, Paris, and the awe-inspiring Lyon because your visit to France awaits exquisite attractions you have never seen before. Attractions in France set standards of elegance and refinement for travelers from all over the world and it is time to get the best out of it. 

Although France boasts some high-end cities with a hustling life, as you head towards nature you will find stunning jaw-dropping sceneries to make your time memorable. Find some amazing treehouse rentals in France to stay in and spend days worth your visit leaving behind sweet memories. 

Each treehouse presents a unique theme with all the amenities for a perfect stay. With all the necessities provided, you only need to focus on the joyful times in France without any worries. So make unforgettable memories among the spellbinding landscapes.

Make your visit to France a never-before experience with these treehouses made to impress you!

Green Pond Treehouse

Location: Lesquielles-Saint-Germain, Hauts-de-France, France

Price: $95+ per night

Your search for nature’s getaway ends with this treehouse located among trees and a beautiful green pond. Moreover, a highly refreshing environment attracts you towards its terrace where you can cherish the nearby nature’s beauty. It’s hard to bear all the hustle of life and you need to clear up your mind at this tiny castle-like treehouse. 

The treehouse located among trees and pond can easily accommodate 4 guests so comfort is granted for sure. The best thing about this treehouse is that it has solar electricity, water reserve, and basic kitchen essentials so that you stay carefree. Beauty, elegance and nature; all in one!

France Treehosue Rental AirbnbFrance Treehosue Rental Airbnb

Credit: Airbnb

Prestige Luxury Treehouse

Location: Alzonne, Occitanie, France

Price: $621+ per night

If you cannot compromise luxury during your stay in France, everything is just about your taste at this prestigious treehouse. Located at the edge of the forest, this 8m high treehouse brings elegance to your time in France. Above all, nothing can beat the private jacuzzi and sauna among other luxurious amenities provided here. You can have your much-awaited private moments with your loved ones at this amazing place.

If you are a group of two or a romantic couple, then this treehouse is ideal for you. The treehouse has one bedroom with a bath. You will have plenty of space and amenities including a full kitchenette, TV, WiFi, hot tub, and free parking also available for a stay full of peace. The exceptional setting of this treehouse gives you forever memorable vibes with your partner. Romantic, comfortable, and luxurious!

Luxury Treehouse Rentals in France

Credit: Airbnb

Lake Perched Treehouse

Location: Corrèze, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

Price: $90+ per night

Living nearby a lake always gives dreamlike vibes and when experienced with a treehouse, nothing can go wrong! Located near the lake, the breeze flowing here is what attracts the visitors for peace. Although the treehouse doesn’t have electricity you will find it soothing to experience something different from the daily hustle of life. This place indeed brings you a cozy nest in the heart of century-old trees beside the lake. Also, you can enjoy a unique breakfast served in a basket. 

This treehouse is ideal for 3 with 2 beds. You can sit on the terrace that offers amazing scenic lake views. The treehouse has a pool, wifi, and parking area on the premises. So, you will have all the essential amenities required for a safe and carefree stay here. 

Lakefront Treehouse in France Rental Airbnb

Credit: Airbnb

Treehouse Chalet

Location: Saint-Antonin Noble Val, Tarn-et-Garonne, France

Price: $95+ per night

Staying near the river in France is a memorable experience and this treehouse is all you need. The charm of this place lies in the shaded park where it is located. Further, the nearby river refreshes your mood and gives you real getaway vibes. The adjacent pontoon is ideal for napping, fishing, and swimming. Moreover, the nearby Saint Antonin allows you to experience canoeing and kayaking with your loved ones. Other amazing activities include paragliding, horse riding, a visit to equestrian centers, and many activities for leisure. 

This place welcomes 4 guests with its spacious 2 bedrooms furnished with queen-sized beds. You will find a kitchen, living room, a deck, balcony, and garden which makes it an all-in-one place.  Additionally, there is TV, internet, parking, swimming pool, and fireplace as well for an ultimate getaway in France. 

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Secluded Treehouse Cabin France

Credit: VRBO

Countryside Cottage Treehouse

Location: Contes, Alpes-Maritimes, France

Price: $77+ per night

Looking for a getaway surrounded by nature? This is where you find it! Countryside Treehouse located in the lap of tree shades and the nearby village makes it a heaven for nature lovers. You will find a lot to do near this location. From beaches to restaurants and joyful activities, this treehouse makes it all possible. Besides, you can enjoy some pool time in the above-ground pool and have some ping pong fun. So, if you are looking for relaxation, then this treehouse offers the ideal space for peace and zen moments. 

The treehouse is made to accommodate 2 people. It contains a double bed. The kitchen is equipped with a microwave, oven, electric barbeque, and all the other essentials. The bathroom is adjoined with the house along with a shower (hot/cold water) so that you don’t miss home at any point. 

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Cottage in Countryside in FranceCottage in Countryside in France

Credit: VRBO

Chalet Lake Settons Treehouse

Location: Moux-en-Morvan, Nievre, France

Price: $59+ per night

A beautiful treehouse set in the heart of Morvan Regional Park awaits you. Getaways are always amazing when spent beside a lake. So, this treehouse boasts the beauty of Lake Settons and several other fountains nearby. Besides, the lush greenery is complemented with beaches, bays, and coves which makes it an irresistible place to stay in France. Don’t miss the chance to go swimming and fishing while you are here.  Once you think you have enough dose of the crystal clear waters, head towards the 500km hiking trails and biking adventures. 

Chalet Lake Settons has a lot to offer including a kitchen, living room, and a deck that gives you plenty of space to enjoy. Ideal for 4 guests, this treehouse offers 2 bedrooms with double beds and a shared bathroom. Both children and pets are allowed. Moreover, your every need is entertained with various other amenities such as TV, Parking, heating, kitchen essentials, and much more. So, be it your fluffy pet or a lovely couple holiday, Chalet is waiting to entertain you with its charm!

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Chalet Lake Settons

Credit: VRBO

Bed in A Treehouse

Location: Morlhon-le-Haut, Occitanie, France

Price: $106+ per night

Nothing is more romantic than this unique bed located on a tree giving couples exquisite getaway goals among one of the best treehouse rentals in France. The uniqueness itself is irresistible. This hidden gem is located in a majestic tree 16.4ft high above the ground. The bubble-like glass protection enables you to witness the beautiful Milky Way at night. Above all, the lotus bed is comfortable and made to impress couples looking for some romantic setup during their stay in France. 

The setting is not only ideal for memorable nights of sleep but also includes comfort that serves well. Furthermore, you will find storage shelves and cases of wood right beside the bed and the kitchen next to the oak tree will help you with your breakfast. It is a great place to find flowers, bamboos, and trees as your companions during your stay in France. No doubt, one of the best among the charming treehouse rentals in France!

Treehouse Glamping France Airbnb

Credit: Airbnb

Woodland Treehouse

Location: Rimont, Occitanie, France

Price: $181+ per night

Located between Foix and Saint-Girons, this treehouse amazes everyone with its private spa. Set among the finest treehouse rentals in France, it is indeed a romantic getaway beyond the ordinary. The quiet environment brings you days of peace. Surrounded by a wooden area, the interiors and outdoor designs are made to offer you comfort and luxury. Above all, you can easily access the highest tourist places while staying at this treehouse. 

The treehouse is ideal for 3 guests with its bedroom containing a king-sized bed and a sofa bed. The treehouse is spacious with a fully equipped kitchen, dining area, and living room. The outdoor area is also made to offer relaxation with a private spa heated to 38°. 

Unique Treehouse in FranceUnique Treehouse in France

Credit: Airbnb

Cabane des Chevaliers

Location: Aquitaine, France

Price: $27+ per night

A family vacation in a treehouse, while you are in France, seems like a perfect plan! This treehouse located in a park next to Gave allows you to immerse yourself in beautiful bamboos, oak trees, fir trees, and the wilderness of nature. The castle-like architecture boasts dragon-shaped windows which adds to the elegance of this place. There is a castle tower at a distance of 50m where you can feel the breeze.

The treehouse can accommodate 4 persons. You will find a double bed, one single and 2 bunk beds which promises peaceful nights.  The treehouse has all the cooking facilities available and the outdoor furniture will make your stay more pleasant. 

Cabanight Treehouse

Location: Vernet-les-Bains, Occitanie, France

Price: $79+ per night

Explore multiple species while you stay at one of the quietest and highly private treehouse rentals in France. Built several meters above the ground, this place is a haven of fresh air and pure nature with exceptional panoramic views on each side. 

Relax as you hear birds chirping and leaves rustling around you. Above all, this treehouse will give you ultimate peace goals to freshen up your mind and soul. The rustic decor with luxury blends makes this place simply magical. 

This treehouse accommodates two persons with its bed and a bath. There’s a folding bed as well, ideal for children. The kitchen has various types of equipment and the bathroom is well-equipped as well. 

Cabanight Treehouse Airbnb France

Credit: Airbnb

Treehouse with Private Pond

Location: Lesquielles-Saint-Germain, Hauts-de-France, France

Price: $71+ per night

Nestled in the heart of a private pond, your next hiking adventure must start from this amazing treehouse. The location is ideal for those who find joy in hiking adventures. As you begin your hike, expect an amazing green axis near the guise. So, get ready to extend your stay in France while you are at this treehouse because activities like fishing, mountain biking, canoeing, and sightseeing will not let you leave this place any time sooner. Visit the charming little town just 5 minutes away and explore what this amazing place has to offer. 

A group of 2 can comfortably stay at this divine treehouse. It has 2 bedrooms with 2 single beds. Moreover, you can access free parking on the premises. Also, the kitchen is fully equipped for your meals. 

Secluded Glamping Cabin in France

Credit: Airbnb

France as a getaway destination has always acquired the top place and treehouse rentals in France have an irresistible charm. Besides what interiors have to offer, the outdoor beauty of these treehouses collectively makes them worth a stay in France. 

So, hurry up and book your next adventure with one of the finest treehouse rentals in France.

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